AOC Promotes Fake Rebellion as She Relives the Past

Ron Adar /

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is back in the news making trouble by promoting the fake notion that the January 6 protests at the Capitol will happen again. She is out telling her voters that Republicans will once again storm the Capitol and try to overthrow the government. Her fake promotion of the future riots is only designed to create panic ahead of the midterm elections.

The progressive socialist is known for her anti-American ideologies and hatred for freedom. She believes that all Americans should relinquish control of their right to choose what is best for themselves and adopt the control philosophy of the socialist left. Any person who refuses to do as she dictates will be branded as a terrorist and grouped with those she sees as her enemy.

AOC decided she would cower in her office when the people peacefully walked through the Capitol. Her life was never in any danger. She tried to pass off pictures of herself being threatened by people. But those pictures were found to be fake. And the part that AOC is not telling people about is that her office is located in a different building block away from where the protests took place.

She makes it sound as if those who peacefully protested will come back as monsters and try to devour her after overthrowing the United States government. The troublemaking AOC stated that “This is no joke. January 6 was a trial run, and a lot of people don’t seem to understand that. It was a trial run. They’re going to come back.”

The only thing AOC is promoting is a conspiracy theory best left for the big screen. She fears that the Republicans will take control and back the country up and kick Joe Biden out of office. Deep within her deluded little brain, she honestly thinks that the conservative party is a bunch of horrible monsters just waiting to attack her.

She promoted that “And if [Republicans] take the House, then they have the votes to not authorize and legitimize the presidential election. The only reason it wasn’t worse was that Democrats had the House, and [Republicans] didn’t have the votes in the House.”

AOC doesn’t understand that Republican Party is not a bunch of revenge-seeking sycophants looking for a way to get back at the devious cheating Democrats. Republicans know that they serve the people and not themselves.

The self-righteous socialist recounted how she believed her life was in danger even though there was not one protestor near her office. Her patronizing of her soap opera fans led them to believe that the events of January 6 were so bad that she could not reveal what they did to hear because it would jeopardize her life.

Ocasio-Cortez lives in a victim’s world devised in her big-mouthed head. Her life was never in any danger, nor was her safety. She has made everything up to create a dramatic flair for herself to help people vote for the victim.

AOC went on to tell people that she believed terrible things were going to happen to her other than being killed. She never revealed some of those things she was thinking of because they did not exist.

The truth about January 6 is that the police let people walk through the building. The Democrats saw this as their chance to make up a story to lead people to believe that a revolution had started. But video and testimony tell a different story.

Matthew Martin was acquitted of all charges because the video showed the police letting him into the building in one case. He peacefully walked through the complex and left. The liberals wanted to make an example out of him and pressed charges. But they were defeated in court.

AOC is a fraud who is making up more lies to try and damage the image of the Republican Party ahead of the midterm elections. She needs to drum up drama to look like a victim because she knows that her record in the House has nothing to show for her alleged work over the past several years.