CRT is Being Proudly Paraded in Detroit Public Schools

James R. Martin /

The mere mention of Critical Race Theory is enough to trigger any conservative mind. There’s no reason that we need to brainwash children at a young age to look at the color of a person’s skin to determine how they’re going to interact with said person.

CRT in the school curriculum is dangerous, racist, and tends to eliminate important history lessons in an effort to provide equity. The liberals think that if they don’t teach about slavery, it didn’t happen. If they don’t teach about white founding fathers, the country wasn’t racist at one time.

We have had our ups and downs as a nation. However, we cannot forget where we came from. We have learned, made incredible strides, and evolved.

If we don’t teach children the true history, we’re bound to repeat those mistakes – and there’s no reason for that to happen.

Now that CRT has become such a volatile topic, most Democrats say that CRT isn’t in the classroom. They insist that it’s not in the school libraries or in the class curriculum.

That’s not true, though. Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has found countless books with CRT hidden within the pages. So has Governor Greg Abbott of Texas.

And then there’s what’s happening in Detroit.

Dr. Nikolai Vitti is the superintendent of the Detroit Public Schools Community District and has proudly exclaimed the usage of CRT. “Our curriculum is deeply using Critical Race Theory, especially in social studies, but you’ll find it in English Language Arts and the other disciplines. We are very intentional about creating curriculum infusing materials and embedding Critical Race Theory within our curriculum as stated by many speakers today.”

Oops. It looks like the far-left liberals who keep insisting that CRT is not in the classrooms forgot to give the memo to Vitti.

The hypocrisy hasn’t even been revealed in this story, yet.

Vitti is the superintendent of a school district that represents 98% black – which means that they’re being taught CRT to be able to recognize race within themselves – and that’s not going to make it easy when they enter the workforce among white people who haven’t been taught CRT.

Further, the school district has a 12% math proficiency and an 18% reading proficiency. Perhaps it’s time to take CRT out of the curriculum and focus on the basics.

And if you really want to see hypocrisy at its best, Vitti’s own children aren’t pressured into this CRT-driven curriculum. Nope, his kids are enrolled at a private parochial school so that they can get a better education than what is being offered in the district where their dad works.

This should shut MSNBC and CNN right up because it’s hard to say that CRT isn’t happening anywhere in the U.S. when Vitti is saying very loudly (and proudly) that it’s happening in the largest school district in Michigan.

It means that we’ve been lied to. The Democrats have said one thing and done another. It’s not like we’re surprised by it, just a bit disappointed.

Not all school district superintendents are quite as loud as Vitti. There are likely countless other school districts infusing CRT into the daily learning of students. We just don’t know about it because they’re being good little liberals and hiding it the best that they can.

As RedState reported, “When progressives claim using elements of CRT in the classroom is just about teaching America’s true history, they are lying, plain and simple.”

CRT should not be in the classrooms. We don’t need any more progressive agendas shoved at students today. Let’s just teach them the truth so that we can make sure that history does not repeat itself.