More Money for Ukraine – Add It to Our Tab

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The U.S. has been helping Ukraine out a lot. While one of the best ways to help would be to send actual troops on the ground, that’s not how the Biden administration wants to send support. So, they’ll just keep sending money.

Just how much money have we sent to Ukraine? You might want to sit down for the number.

$800 million has just been announced by Joe Biden. Mind you, this is on top of what we’ve already spent for humanitarian aid as well as weaponry. This newest expenditure is for heavy weapons, including not only hundreds of armored vehicles but also heavy-artillery howitzers and dozens of helicopters.

Most of this “gift” is from U.S. stockpiles. But, there’s also money being spent.

You might ask yourself, where is the money coming from? Well, it’s coming from you and me. Our taxpayer dollars are being used to fight a war in Ukraine all because Biden is weak. If he had properly shut Putin down months ago, the war would be over. However, it continues because Biden won’t stand up to Putin and shut him down once and for all.

The Pentagon feels that sending all of this will help to balance the odds so that Ukraine is better equipped to take on Russia. Although they’ve been holding their own for months, they’ve also suffered incredible losses.

The war is going into a new phase. Russian forces are heading to the eastern side of Ukraine. As this happens, it is expected that Moscow will have a chance to resupply in the Donbas region. They’ll be able to take advantage of shorter supply lines. Further, there will be more open ground. This will lend to the use of everything from long-range fires to tanks. Pentagon officials know that it could be brutal, so they’re equipping Ukraine with as much as possible.

John Kirby, Pentagon’s spokesperson, explained, “It’s the first time that we’ve provided these [155mm] howitzers and the associated rounds, and that’s reflective of the kind of fighting that the Ukrainians are expected to be faced with here in this more confined geographic area. They specifically asked for fire support, specifically for artillery.”

The package being delivered to Ukraine will also include drones, Javelin anti-tank missiles, and armored Humvees. Helicopters are also on the way as these were once pledged to the Afghan Air Force, but obviously, they’re not needed.

Ukraine should be more than capable of taking on Russia. With people joining the Ukrainian forces from all over the world, it won’t be an issue of manpower. Hopefully, with the package of goodies being sent from the U.S., President Zelenskyy of Ukraine will have everything he needs to outlast Russia and take them down.

The money that the Biden administration has committed to Ukraine is staggering. It’s a total of $3.2 billion – and $2.6 billion has come as a result of Russia’s invasion back in February. It’s a combination of cash and weaponry.

The question is this: Do we have the money to give? How much more are we adding to the debt? And are we being too generous with our weaponry in the event that Russia decides to turn its attention on us?

Well, the Pentagon doesn’t want to share any of that with us. After all, it’s better for us simpletons not to know the truth.

All we do know is what Zelenskyy has said, and perhaps he has been as truthful as we can possibly hope for: “Freedom must be armed better than tyranny. Without additional weaponry, this war will become an endless bloodbath.”

Okay, so maybe we don’t worry about how much is going on the tab – at least not yet.