Iran Getting Rich Off of Its Oil Now That Biden Is Helping Them

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The work that Donald Trump did while in office protected all Americans and people worldwide. He kept nations such as China and Russia from starting wars. He even kept worthless North Korea and Iran leaders from developing their nuclear weapons. But ever since Joe Biden stepped into the president’s office, the world has gone from a place of peace to a world of war and criminal activity.

Trump made sure that Iran could not fund their nuclear program by shutting down its oil supply. He made it so difficult for them to sell their oil that the nation could not afford to even look at a bomb, let alone work on one.

But now that Biden sits clueless in the White House, Iran has started selling their oil to anyone who will take it. And it should not surprise the world that their biggest customer is none other than the Chinese.

The president has made it possible for Iran to ship its oil and earn enough cash to fund its nuclear programs. Iran is in the business of sending 829,260 barrels of oil on average to China per day. That comes to a staggering $22 billion worth of oil since Biden stole the White House.

The group that brings out the truth of Biden’s Iran is the United Against a Nuclear Iran. They are actively tracking the oil as it leaves Iranian ports and watching where it goes. The same watchdog group also blames the Biden administration for letting it happen.

Joe Biden wants to return to the original agreement that Barack Obama made with Iran over a decade ago. He hated that Donald Trump pulled the country out of the deal and put a stranglehold on Iran to keep them from being able to make weapons of terror.

The new deal that Biden is trying to work on with Iran is no better than what Trump terminated. It will simply be another fake treaty with a nation determined to nuke America.

The UANI has stated, according to Newsmax, that “During the time the four vessels mentioned were being operated by Atlantic Navigation, they carried just over 19 million barrels of Iranian oil, worth approximately $1 billion, to China.”

Biden’s beloved China is helping them along with funding the nuclear program. Claire Jungman is the UNAI chief of staff, and she also mentioned that “This money allows the Iranian regime to profit and in turn fund its terrorist activities around the world. There are clear ties between these vessels and sanctioned entities, and there is no good reason for the Biden administration to have turned a blind eye to this. This lack of action by the Biden administration is only enabling Iran’s bad behavior.”

Biden is no doubt a spineless president. He does not have what it takes to stand up to a rogue terrorist nation and help them to understand that America will take action to make sure peace remains in the world. He refuses to stand up to the nations that would ultimately harm the United States once they have the chance.

The Iranian vessels are reportedly turning off any trackers on the ships so they cannot be tracked. Every time a vessel turns off its tracking device, they violate international law. They are turning off their tracking devices to go under the sanction radar and avoid being caught pulling into Chinese ports.

The UNAI has also gathered up a list of companies that Iran is using to sell their oil. The fake companies are used to keep authorities from being able to track the oil back to Iran. But they are failing miserably now that UNAI is watching their every move.

Joe Biden thinks that by not paying attention to what is happening in the world, the world must be a peaceful place with him in office. But the exact opposite is true. People are hurting worldwide because the old man refuses to help friends that depend on America to protect the peace.