AOC Can Actually Be Blamed for the Latest Brooklyn Shooting

James Andrews1 /

The liberals love to claim that guns are the reason for shootings. They want to take the person out of the equation. However, they forget that someone needs to be able to pull the trigger.

A recent shooting happened on a subway in Brooklyn. And the gunman could have been identified and spotted before he ever had a chance to pull the trigger. But only if there had been more police presence on the subways.

Funny thing. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) is a Representative who oversees parts of NYC, including the Bronx. Just a few years ago, she put a stop to funding that would have allowed more police presence on the subways of NYC.

Every time someone is robbed, shanked, or murdered on a subway, it could actually be AOC’s fault. After all, she put a stop to the funding that would have created more police. And most criminals won’t commit a crime in front of a police officer.

It’s time that we start to play dirty like the liberals. They want to blame guns instead of criminals. We can blame the politicians who say no to police funding. It’s the same concept, isn’t it?

Let’s take a look at what happened back in 2019 when there was a proposal to place 500 additional Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) officers onto the subways of New York City. It would have been a way to protect people.

However, AOC along with several other members of Congress from New York wrote a letter to then-Governor Andrew Cuomo. They said that hiring additional cops would only result in “over-policing” the communities. Instead, they wanted the funding to be spent on “desperately needed resources” which included such things as service improvements and maintenance.

Anyone who’s ever been assaulted on a subway is likely wishing that AOC and her liberal gang had chosen for the funding to be used to over-police the subway.

This is the problem with so many liberals. They work to protect the criminals instead of the victims.

AOC actually had the nerve to tweet a copy of the letter that she and her colleagues wrote to Cuomo, with the comment that “Punishing the poor does not create a safer environment. Instead, it threatens the very foundation of our community.” She went on to say that she wanted to put an end to “MTA’s dangerous policing policy.”

Again, this is AOC saying that criminals don’t mean to be criminals. They are doing what they can to get by. They’re poor – and they can’t help it if they assault or murder people.

This is such a disgusting comment – and the people of New York City deserve so much better.

The shooting that took place last Tuesday in Brooklyn injured at least 29 people. This isn’t about someone who is too poor to afford the fare. This is someone who decided that he wanted to use a gun because he wanted to strike fear into the hearts of every passenger.

Was it the gun or the man who injured 29 people?

AOC made the comment that she was “devastated” to hear about what happened. However, she and her colleagues are to blame. While they want to cite “historic racial discrepancies” in policing, the reality is that the police officers would have been able to prevent the shooting.

Crime has been skyrocketing in NYC for a while now. If the city doesn’t start to crack down on criminal activity, it may never find an end to the body count.