Is It Possible to Fast from Whiteness? It’s What You Could Do for Lent

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The liberals are trying to redefine the meaning of Lent. This shouldn’t even be surprising, considering that most of them aren’t practicing Christians. If they were, they wouldn’t be trying to defend killing innocent babies.

Now, a church in Chicago has decided that they are going to fast from “whiteness” for Lent.

The practice of fasting from something that is considered a comfort is common for Christians during the season of Lent. It is meant to repent from sin, help you to self-examine your choices, and renew your soul. By giving something up, the hope is that you renew your dedication to God and learn to serve others with joy in your heart.

Ahh, but the liberals don’t want you to dedicate yourself to God. They want you to dedicate yourself to the practice of anti-racism. And that means forgetting about the color of your skin so that you can apologize for everything you’ve ever done that would hurt the feelings of a person of color.

The First United Church of Oak Park has openly advertised that for the full 40 days of Lent, they will be fasting from whiteness.

Not surprisingly, they’ve seen a lot of people questioning their message. So, they decided that it was time they addressed the concerns of the community on their website. “In practice with the Lenten spiritual discipline of fasting, our intent was to lay aside our usual frames of reference and open ourselves to hearing the Gospel message through the voices of Black People, Indigenous People, and People of Color.”

How would one even go about doing that?

Well, the church has gone out of its way to try. This includes intentionally choosing music scores as well as liturgical contributions within their services that were written or composed by white people.

This church in Chicago isn’t the only one that wants people to repent on their whiteness.

The Catholic Carlow University in Pittsburgh recently had a speaker who told Christians that they need to “crucify their whiteness.”

There’s really a problem here. “Whiteness” is not a bad word. It’s simply used to describe how all white people live their lives. No one is asking people to crucify their blackness or give up blackness for Lent. To do so would be absolutely unacceptable behavior for the liberals – yet, somehow, no white person is supposed to be offended by what is being asked of us right now.

This is because the liberals have decided to turn “whiteness” against us. They have labeled it as something where people are racist, insensitive to the struggles that some people of color face, and that we somehow need to be apologizing for the sins committed by our forefathers.

Raise your hand if your family ever owned slaves. Do you even know? Most people don’t know the answer – or had family who was still living somewhere in Europe when slavery was happening in the U.S.

Most people aren’t racist – yet we’re being treated as though each and every one of us with white skin is a racist who needs to be taught a lesson.

Pastor Bruce at First United has a few things to say about how white people are privileged and selfish. “When acts of kindness and calls for civility are fueled by social, economic, and racial privilege, these acts are often more about doing just enough to keep the status quo and not about transformative change for those who are experiencing struggle.”

Basically, how dare we call for civility – it’s dangerous and racist.

Yep, Happy Easter everyone.