Senate Unanimously Agrees to Help Ukraine in a World War II Style Move

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The Senate just unanimously agreed to help Ukraine. Don’t tell the liberals in the House, though. They’re still rooting for Russia because their closet socialist ideals feel that it’s the right thing for them to do.

Ukraine needs the help – and Russia has been committing some absolutely heinous crimes.

As you look at the photos of what has been done, there can only be one right side. If you’re not with Ukraine, you’re a monster. And perhaps that’s all we need to know about the Squad members like Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley who have been vehemently against us sending weapons over to Ukraine.

Let’s see what the Senate has done.

The Senate, which is led by Chuck Schumer (D-NY) decided to revive Lend-Lease. It’s a World War II-era move that was once used to beat Hitler.

Essentially, the Lend-Lease was a way for the U.S. to supply allies in the fight against Nazi Germany.

And now, we’re using it to help fight against crazy ass Putin and his Russian army.

Finally, we’ve decided to truly recognize Ukraine as our ally. And it means that we’ll be sending weapons and other supplies to Zelenskyy’s outstretched arms.

Senators on both sides of the political fence rallied together to pass the legislation unanimously – something that almost never happens. It ensures that President Biden has the means to support Ukraine against the invasion that could last for quite some time if they don’t get some serious help.

Russia expected this to be a fast invasion. They had no idea that Ukraine was capable of fending off the attacks for as long as they have. The invasion began at the end of February – and it’s still going.

With the use of the Lend-Lease, it will help to fend off Russian troops even more effectively. The hope is that it can end the invasion and teach Putin a lesson, too.

Lawmakers are doing whatever they can to support Ukraine. Since the country isn’t a part of NATO, there are only certain things that can be done. However, with the Senate making the unanimous decision to offer such support, it proves that Russia’s invasion is a significant threat to everyone in the Western world.

There’s a greater belief that Ukraine can win. When the invasion first started, everyone wanted to take a “wait and see” approach, even as the Ukrainian president begged for help. Now that more people are heading to Ukraine to support Zelenskyy, it’s clear that Ukraine might actually have a fighting chance of winning.

Congress has already been quite generous – including approving close to $14 billion to send to Ukraine for military and humanitarian assistance. The State Department also offered up $100 million to fund Javelin missiles.

Russia has been brutal – and that’s not just due to the invasion. The Russian army has been inhumane toward the people trying to flee the invaded cities. They have destroyed entire cities even after they have sought to retreat. As such, it’s become clear that it’s time to support Ukraine. If you’re not sure if it’s the right move, check out the horrific images emerging from the town of Bucha. It will change your mind if you were on the fence.

It’s nice to hear that the Democrats are actually on the right side, for once. Schumer took to the Senate floor to say, “When we murder wantonly innocent civilians because of who they are, whether it be their religion, their race, or their nationality, that is genocide, and Mr. Putin is guilty of it.”

Now, we just wait to see how things unfold now that Ukraine will get some serious support. And yes, we’re hoping to take down Putin just like we did Hitler. Genocide is genocide.