Navy Offers No Explanation for Two F-150 Sized Balls of Light Following USS Kearsarge…Hmmm

With the introduction of high-tech drones to carry out unmanned missions, and satellites hovering overhead watching our every move, it’s hard to say what a person might see when they look up. Even the ‘starlight star bright’ being wished upon could be a huge chunk of space debris reflecting sunlight. But if one or two of those bright objects start dancing around and following a U.S. Navy warship, it might be cause for concern.

A veteran U.S. Marine Corps pilot recently had a long chat with one of the world’s leading researchers of Unidentified Flying Objects, Dave Beaty. In 2004, Beaty had investigated a UFO sighting from sailors aboard the USS Nimitz. The Navy later confirmed the report as valid but unexplainable.

The latest sighting was in October 2021, when the veteran pilot said two car-sized hovering lights began following the USS Kearsarge, an amphibious Naval assault ship.

The ship had been on a training mission in the Atlantic prior to deploying with the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit. It was sailing off the U.S. East Coast when two lights appeared in the sky. They hovered and disappeared only to return the following night and several nights after that. They were roughly a half-mile behind the craft and just 200 feet above the water.

The veteran said the two lights were performing what’s called a “shackle turn” which is when two pilots cross each other’s flight paths. He said it’s a tricky maneuver requiring skill.

The troops aboard the warcraft thought what they were seeing must have somehow been tied in with their mission. Their assumption was that it was a pair of Navy drones sent to observe and record their training. 

Finally surrendering to their curiosity, the Marines on board were equipped to check things out. They just happened to have had some anti-drone equipment, which consisted of a Ground-Based Air Defense Counter-UAS system and some Light Marine Air Defense Integrated Systems meant to be mounted on vehicles. 

Both anti-drone systems shoot out radio frequencies to jam signals being sent to an unmanned drone, virtually rendering it useless. With no further ado, they set it all up. If these drones weren’t friendly, their training mission might have to take a sharp shift. 

Neither of the Marines’ high-tech, sophisticated, mega-expensive, anti-drone systems had even the slightest effect on the big balls of light as they kept on doing what they’d been doing, unphased.

Using logic before reacting, the USS Kearsage radioed its HQ to see if any drone operations by the Marines or the Navy may have been being conducted nearby. The answer was a resounding, “nope.” 

The U.S. military came clean a few years back by admitting that UFOs are the real deal, though they still won’t fess up about those little green mummified creatures in Area 51. Like we don’t know they’re there or something…Ha! 

But what if what the veteran pilot discussed with Beaty wasn’t a UFO from the dark side of Uranus?  When intended for devious purposes, not all nations share their groundbreaking technologies and the Chinese are pretty good at that stuff.

What if the frequencies the Marines sent to block the signals being sent to the drones were also being blocked by a signal the drones were shooting back to block their signal? Might want to read that again…