Southern Rock Icons Dedicate New Single to DeSantis

Randy Miramontez /

If you haven’t realized it yet, Florida’s Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis, is pretty much a national icon. In fact, some might even call him a rock star.

And thanks to a newly released single by actual rock icons, his fame is spreading like wildfire – almost as fast as Joe Biden’s popularity is sinking…

Enter Johnny Van Zant and his brother Donnie Van Zant and their new song “Sweet Florida.”

If the names sound familiar, it’s because Johnny has been the lead singer of the legendary southern rock group Lynyrd Skynyrd for years now. And his brother Donnie used to be a guitarist and songwriter for the group 38 Special.

They went public with their new single on Friday, taking inspiration from Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama.” The song is one of a kind, though, and seeks to both mock Joe Biden and his ridiculous White House as well as praise Florida’s Ron DeSantis and all that he is doing in the rock brothers’ home state.

As Johnny Van Zant told Fox News “Fox & Friends” on the day the song was released, “We got to thank Governor DeSantis for standing and believing for what he believes… he’s been a great governor for us.”

The song speaks of how DeSantis doesn’t “care what Brandon thinks at the White House” and how he’s “fighting” to keep their state free despite all the mistakes of the liberal left.

And the Van Zant brothers aren’t wrong for saying so.

Basically, ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, DeSantis has made it clear that he would not allow the freedom of his state and constituents to be sacrificed on the altar of fear-mongering and “following the science.” Instead of shuttering churches, schools, public events, and businesses of all kinds, DeSantis kept kids in school, kept people working, and kept his state’s economy going. While he did, at least in part, shut down his state at first, due to the sheer number of unknowns, it didn’t last long.

And as a result, his state has flourished.

While Democratic states kept their people on unemployment and COVID benefits for months on end, Floridians have prospered. According to reports by Politico, the state now has an economy that is stronger than more than half of the other US states. And their public health is pretty good too.

Sure, they’ve had some deaths and many illnesses at various times throughout the last couple of years like any state. But it’s no more than that of liberal states like California and New York, who used all the right mandates and lockdown procedures and yet still lost hundreds of thousands.

DeSantis has also refused to cave into the left’s insistence that there are more than just two biological genders or that children should be able to choose their sex like they do their clothes. As such, he led the nation to protect children and students from those who might push them to believe that “gender fluidity” is ok.

In addition, DeSantis and his hard-hitting administration have taken on Biden’s White House regarding immigration. As a native Floridian, DeSantis knows all too well the dangers of illegal immigration, both to his legal constituents and those who are illegally residing here.

Like many of us, he strongly disagrees with how Biden has handled the immigration crisis at our southern borders, especially when it involves flying or busing undocumented, untested, and unvaccinated illegals into communities all over the US in the dead of night.

Of course, this has only given Biden, as well as the liberal establishment media, serious reason to come after him.

But as you have likely seen, and the newly released song in his honor says, that hasn’t even begun to slow him down or keep him from fighting for our freedoms. Nor is it likely to any time soon.

And that determination to do what is right and what is needed is exactly what has drawn those like the Van Zant brothers to him. It’s also why he is quickly becoming one of the most popular politicians nationwide and one that will most likely be strongly encouraged to run for the White House in 2024 against Joe Biden or whoever the Democrats deem worthy of their affections.

It’s also why this song has struck all the right nerves of the political left and made them more desperate than ever.