Enough is Enough, the 25th Amendment Has to Be Used on Biden

Trevor Bexon / shutterstock.com

Biden can’t seem to figure out what he is saying. In the past week, he has said a few unfortunate things.

He called for a regime change in Russia.

He announced that troops would be deployed in Ukraine.

And he said that we would respond “in kind” if Russia used chemical warfare.

Peter Doocy of Fox News has decided that he was ready to go another round with Biden, even as the president once referred to him as a “stupid son of a b*tch” when he thought his microphone was off.

In a recent press conference, Doocy asked Biden if he worried if world leaders were going to start questioning things if everything that he says on the “world stage” is going to keep getting walked back.

Biden seemed to instantly look confused and said, “What is getting walked back?”

That’s when Doocy had to hit him with the truth – the regime change, the troop deployment, and the use of chemical warfare.

“None of the three occurred,” according to Biden.

Wait…what? Does Biden forget that we live in a world where we can watch videos of him talking about these things? They’re all over the internet. We’ve seen them live and we’ve seen the Republican National Committee have a field day sharing the clips. And as much as Twitter would love to remove them, they’re not misinformation – they’re the actual truth.

Biden tells Doocy that he interpreted the language wrong. That’s funny – there’s really no way to interpret what Biden said in any other way. Yet, Biden goes on to try to make sense of what he said so that Doocy can understand. Of course, it’s hard to feel confident that Biden even knows what’s going on when the explanations are mixed between a lot of stuttering sounds.

We have a president who literally doesn’t know what he’s saying. And world leaders have most certainly taken notice. French President Macron is particularly upset about Biden’s regime change comments as it’s not what NATO needs during peace talks with Putin.

It’s why we have to be careful about what happens next. Do we let Biden continue to make the U.S. look like idiots on the world stage or do we step in to do something about it all?

That’s where Tucker Carlson comes in. The Fox News host says what we’ve all been thinking – isn’t it time for the 25th Amendment?

Doocy made it clear as to why Biden needs to go. What the president says and what the president means are two different things. And the White House has had to go back and explain most of what he’s said over the past week. Do we really need a translator for the president at this point?

We can’t possibly wait until Biden says something off-script that is so horrible that it causes another world war – or issues on American soil. We have to be doing something NOW to prevent that from happening.

On a recent show, Carlson said, “The joke is over. Too much is at stake. If there ever was a time – if there was in U.S. history ever a time to invoke the 25th Amendment, it is now.”

And the news host is absolutely right. We have seen the president’s cognitive decline on display even before he entered the White House. And it’s only gotten worse.

Biden is 79-years-old. He’s been in politics for decades. It’s time to say goodbye to him so that we can protect the integrity of the United States.

Perhaps we need to throw Biden’s words about Putin right back in his face: “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.”