Fasten Your Mickey Ears, Disney Wants to Fight DeSantis Bill on Parental Rights

Kathy Hutchins /

Disney World is supposed to be about catering to kids and families. Kids go in there with their Mickey ears on, armed with a smile. Parents save for years to be able to give their kids a dream vacation. No one wants to see that trip ruined because of a bunch of liberal politics.

Yet, it seems that Walt Disney World has decided to cower to the far-left by fighting the Parental Rights bill that Ron DeSantis recently signed into law.

Let’s be clear about what the law focuses on: homosexual and gender orientation content cannot be taught to students in grades Kindergarten through third grade. That’s it. If students have homosexual parents at home, they can discuss it with their friends. If a student feels as though they have a particular orientation, they can discuss it with a school counselor.

The bill is simply preventing the content from being taught by a teacher or a third party inside of the classroom.

Disney employees are up in arms. They want their employer to stand up to the Florida governor. And Disney is going to go along with it because they don’t want to deal with a strike of hundreds if not thousands of employees within their parks.

Shouldn’t we be asking the bigger question? Why is Disney concerned about what’s being taught in the classroom to kindergarteners and third graders? Why is it so important that homosexuality and gender dysphoria is being taught to six and seven-year-old kids?

Disney claims that “our goal as a company is for this law to be repealed by the legislature or struck down in the courts.”

There’s really no reason why they should be fighting the legislation, known as HB 1557, as hard as they are. They claim that the law jeopardizes the “rights and safety” of their LGBTQ employees.

Is the Head Mouse really this ignorant?

The liberals, in complete ignorance, call the bill “Don’t Say Gay” – and Disney’s official statement used that name for the bill, too.

The only thing the law applies to is a classroom setting for those who are under the age of eight. At what point would this law jeopardize the rights or safety of any of their LGBTQ employees?

Disney is starting to draw a line in the sand – and they’re showing that they, too, are not interested in achieving unity like Biden promised he was going to bring to the country. They are more concerned about standing up for LGTBQ employees than for wholesome family values.

Breitbart referred to the move as surrendering to a “radical fringe.” Bob Chapek, Disney’s CEO, is prepared to devote the company to more and more gay and transgender activism – even when the majority of the U.S. (and beyond) is still very much heterosexual and comfortable in their biological genders.

Disney is upset with DeSantis for protecting children against topics that they don’t need to be concerned with at young ages.

As DeSantis reported, “I think the last couple of years really reveal to parents that they are being ignored increasingly across education.” He went on to explain that there’s been too many classroom materials and presentations that engage very young children about woke gender ideology and sexuality.

It’s not necessary. And the law ensures that children don’t have to be subjected to it. If parents want to address such content, they can do so in the comfort of their homes. That’s not to say that kids can’t talk about it – but it’s done on the playground or at the lunch table – not inside of the classroom where it would take away from valuable instructional time.

Disney may end up regretting their decision to back such a progressive side of this issue. We should really be wondering why Disney is so concerned about teaching gender orientation to such young children. Makes you think twice about booking a Disney vacation now, doesn’t it?