How States Really Spent Pandemic Relief Money

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Shocking, but it seems as though the Democrats lied. Each time they passed pandemic relief funds through Congress, they made it seem as though the states needed the money. They claimed that the money would be used to open schools, provide better healthcare to those sick with COVID, and even to pay workers in industries that were impacted by the pandemic.

Some of that happened. However, more often than not, the money was used so that states could fulfill their wish lists.

It’s going to make you sick when you find out what your taxpayer money was used for – and in many instances, in states where you don’t even live.

States certainly didn’t come right out to say that the money was being spent on hotels, resorts, and ballparks. Nope. Instead, it was revealed in an Associated Press review. State and local governments ended up with millions in their pockets and thought that it was like winning the lottery. Rather than doing anything responsible with what added up to almost $1 billion, they went on massive (and completely irresponsible) shopping sprees.

Broward County, a predominantly Democratic area of Florida, decided that the pandemic relief money that they received — $140 million, was best spent so that they could break ground on a luxury hotel with views of the Atlantic Ocean. Oh, and because they had money to spare, the hotel is also home to an 11,000 square-foot spa.

Dutchess County New York decided that they would spend $12 million on renovations for a minor league baseball stadium. It met all of the requirements so that the New York Yankees could have their farm teams.

And if those expenses aren’t enough, there’s also the state of Massachusetts using $5 million to pay off debts of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the U.S. Senate. This was a nonprofit established to honor the late senator – and the nonprofit has been struggling financially.

All of this has been mighty generous, don’t you think?

At the very least, the Democrats should be sending us all ‘thank you’ notes for the use of our taxpayer dollars.

Did any of this actually help the people of the city, county, or state in terms of the COVID-19 pandemic? Absolutely not. I guarantee you that the money could have been spent better to ensure that the economy recovered faster and to set the area up for success in the future.

The American Rescue Plan that was signed into effect by Biden was worth a total of $350 billion. It was supposed to be used to help everyone weather the crisis. Unfortunately, we can’t expect everyone to use the money responsibly.

It’s also why the stimulus money sent to Americans across the country was ultimately a bad idea. Those who didn’t need it put it into their savings accounts. Those who did need it but had never seen a check so large used it to buy TVs and dream vacations instead of being responsible and paying off debts with it.

There was no form of accounting with the mass amounts of money given out by the federal government – and it’s why we’re in the financial trouble that we are in now.

Republicans, being the good stewards of money that they are, have decided that it’s time to demand some more transparency on how the money is being spent moving forward.

Some local and state governments are already asking for more money – and Biden is happy to request more pandemic relief funds for them.

The best answer comes from Mitt Romney (R-Utah). “Show us how you’ve already spent the money Congress gave you. It’s hard to imagine how a four-star hotel is helping to solve the pain of COVID.”