Biden’s America Results in a Rise in Gas Siphoning Crimes

SaimonTraur /

Oh, the joys of an ultra-liberal administration. In Joe Biden’s America, gas prices are skyrocketing around the country. Most people are paying at least $4 a gallon for gas. In some areas of California, prices are $7 a gallon – and even more if you’re getting premium or diesel in your vehicle.

Gas is expensive, and it’s leading to a rise in gas siphoning crimes.

We’ve always heard about the crime where someone breaks into another person’s gas tank and siphons off the gas. It’s never been that common. Most people would rather hold up a convenience store for the cash to use at the tank.

Now, though, it’s simply easier to siphon the gas. And with more and more people being unable to afford the high costs of filling one’s tank, the gas siphoning crimes are showing up in more cities – and with greater frequency.

Welcome to Biden’s America. Gas is so high that people are willing to risk their lives siphoning gas from a random vehicle.

Without any high-tech gear, siphoning gas is possible with a rubber hose and a gas can. In order to get the vacuum process started, one simply places their mouth on one end of the rubber hose and sucks to get the gas flowing. If one isn’t careful, one can end up with a mouth full of fuel. And spitting doesn’t actually get all of the gas out.

Here’s where stupidity really steps in.

People are accidentally poisoning themselves. Over the past month, there have been over 150 reports of gas ingestion to poison centers across the country. This is up considerably since before Russia chose to invade Ukraine.

There’s more to the gas siphoning crimes than accidental poisoning, too. Gas is often being siphoned into any container a person can get their hands on – soda bottles, plastic juice cups, and even Styrofoam coffee cups. They’ll use whatever they can to hold their stolen fuel. Since fuel is highly volatile, it can be ignited easily. It can also eat through various containers, causing gas to end up on vehicle floorboards and more.

The American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) decided that it was time to issue a warning. Kaitlyn Brown, the association’s clinical managing director said, “I do highly recommend against anybody siphoning gasoline, just because it is a very common way you can be accidentally exposed to something that can be potentially dangerous.”

Apparently, simply saying that it is illegal is too much for some Americans to comprehend.

When gas prices soar, people act out of desperation. And clearly, common sense goes right out the window.

Police departments across the country have been reporting more and more incidents of gas siphoning. Since it’s hard to catch a person in the act, many are issuing warnings to be on the lookout.

There are some preventative measures that can be taken. Police officers suggest people part in home garages when possible. It is also important to park in high-traffic areas and well-lit areas so that people are less likely to try siphoning gas. Some individuals have even gone as far as adding cameras to their driveways or padlocks to their gas tanks to create any kind of deterrent.

As gas prices continue to soar, there will only be more desperate people – and that will only lead to more people calling into poison centers.

At least it will be easy to see who the criminals are. If you’re calling a poison center to say that you’ve ingested some unleaded, you’re most likely guilty of gas siphoning.

Gas prices are high, but let’s not risk our health in the process. Let’s simply rally together and boot the old man out of the White House so we don’t have to siphon our way to an affordable full tank of gas.