CDC Comes Up with Backend Idea to Monitor Where COVID Cases Should Show Up

Joe Biden is a man with terrible ideas for the country. When the COVID-19 virus was mutating, the old man wanted to return to lockdowns and mandates to try and destroy a virus that was in a constant state of change. He ignored the facts and the testimonies of the doctors around him and made it a point to try and force everyone to get a vaccine whether they needed it or not.

The crazy president also tried to force people to wear masks all over the country. But he lost that battle when Republicans stepped in and told him to stay out of their states. He even screwed up and pulled American troops out of Afghanistan and deliberately left people behind for the Taliban to abuse and kill as some peace offering.

But his latest plan centers around the COVID-19 virus again.

He still has an insane need to try and monitor and track any outbreaks that may come up. So, his idea is to gather the refuse from people’s backsides and test it to see if the virus is making a comeback. He wants to force every state to set up centers to gather sewage from people to track the pandemic virus.

The concept of Biden playing with poop indicates how he runs the country. He believes that by setting up poop centers, people will come into the facility and make a deposit for the president to inspect. The idea of a person looking at poop to track a virus is absurd and will pose a public health crisis.

A few states are opening up the idea in their states, but there are many more claiming they will not participate in such an insane idea. Ted Smith from the Center for Healthy Air, Water and Soil tried to guilt-trip people into participating in gathering their poop by telling people that the pandemic would come again if people did not hand over their poop.

Some ideas that have popped up to gather poop is to drag it in from the wastewater plants to labs designed to probe for the virus. But that method in and of itself cannot guarantee accurate results because of the possibility of contamination. And for anyone to come to a center to poop in the bag so health officials can look at it for COVID-19 makes no sense.

Joe Biden and his power-hungry team of poop smellers need some way to bring their pandemic back alive after the midterms. They cannot rightly force the country back to a time of viral fear now that he has lifted much of the mandates. Most people have already started ignoring the old man because they are just fed up with Biden’s politics on the virus.

The idea has been running in a few states. But even those centers are not submitting enough poop data to provide reliable information about a virus that changes every few months. The idea is that gathering human waste to identify the next pandemic wave will not make a difference in the grand scheme of things.

Biden’s poopy idea is a grasp of desperation by a party of politicians that are fearful of the upcoming midterm elections. They can feel the grasp of defeat around their throats, doing everything they can to stay alive.

The plea from the Center for Disease Control for poop donations has never been clearer.

One spokesperson pleaded with people that “Having more sites sampling wastewater allows for a more robust national surveillance system, but we know that one of the biggest advantages of NWSS is that it gives local health officials specific, actionable information about what’s happening in their community so that they can take steps to protect the public’s health, if needed.”

The only people pushing for poop are coming from the liberals that need a reason to bring back pandemic horrors. They want the cover story so they can try and cheat when the time comes for votes to be counted.