Early Primary Elections Dripping With Inaccuracy in Texas County

The elections of 2020 are still being contested in some areas of the country. As more and more cases of potential fraud and tampering with the ballots are uncovered, the American people are stuck wondering how they can trust that the results of their elections are right. In Harris County, TX, they had never had an elections commissioner before 2020. From a 3-2 vote split by party line, the position was created.

Enter Isabel Longoria to take the role for the third-largest county in the entire U.S. Her entrance to the position was greatly criticized by Republicans who were concerned about creating a position with no accountability to the voters. As it turns out, they had every reason to be suspicious, and it’s no surprise to anyone in the know.

Starting from the gate with a mess, Longoria let county and state officials know that there was no way she would have the results reported within the 24-hour window of polls closing. While there is a six-day exception for write-in and provisional ballots, those were not the root of the concern for Longoria.

As it became obvious that the results would be delayed, Republican Party chairwoman, Cindy Siegal said “Today we’ve seen what happens when you put the wrong person in the job. This election was an unmitigated disaster.” Siegal is spot-on here, too. She knows how crucial it was to select the right person for the job, but they failed greatly at finding the right person.

With 10,000 mail-in ballots left uncounted, Longoria is in very hot water. The Harris County Republican Party has filed a lawsuit to request that election records be impounded as the state deadline had been missed. With more lawsuits pending, it won’t be surprising to find Longoria out of a job very shortly.

When the lawsuit was filed, the counting was stopped. Unfortunately, Siegal’s lawsuit to impound the results was quickly dismissed, and in that time frame they ‘found’ an additional 10,000 write-in ballots and had to re-start ballot counting. This is not how elections are supposed to be done, and then the Democrats wonder why so many of us have a hard time trusting them or the elections process as a whole as they have bastardized it for their own agenda.

The changes the left has made to our elections process have turned it into a joke. As the years tick by, they try to make it into an even bigger joke. They have no line to draw about keeping things right, and they won’t develop one either. Making a mockery of our elections process is not what America needs, and it’s not what we as Americans should stand for.

Last week, Siegal stated “The Democrats would tell you last week that we were fear-mongering and that all the votes were correct, and there were no problems. Late Saturday, although we weren’t notified, there was an, ‘oops, we found 10,000 unexplained, unrecorded mail-in ballots.’ There are serious problems with this process.” This statement shows exactly why all conservatives or anyone who even remotely sees something from the right side of life should be concerned.

The left has a habit of leaving out important details and doing whatever they want to achieve their election goals. The will of the people be damned.

With further allegations from both Democrat and Republican candidates of poll workers not being given proper supplies, as well as malfunctioning machines turning out damaged ballots, this entire election was a sham. While Longoria has shared the responsibility of this position in the past as the county clerk and tax assessor-collector, she has proven she cannot do this job alone. She needs to be replaced by someone who takes this responsibly. God knows she refused to.