Ilhan Omar Has a Challenger That Just Might Beat Her at Her Own Game

For nearly four years, leftist ‘Squad’ member Ilhan Omar has been privileged to be part of Congress and the voice for the people of Minneapolis, Minnesota. And yet, in those four years, she has done little to actually help out either her constituents or her fellow Americans. In fact, she has actively been against them at nearly every turn.

She worked to get police defunded in her city, causing skyrocketing crime rates. Then, with the help of her “Squad” friends, she’s tried to put a wedge between the U.S. and one of her strongest Middle Eastern allies. And all the while, she’s complained about the very country that gave her and her family refuge and a second chance.

To say that she no longer deserves her seat in the House of Representatives is a massive understatement.

And luckily for us, she might not have it all that much longer, thanks to not only the expected red wave coming in November but also her newest opponent.

Enter Shukri Abdirahman, a fellow black Somalian refugee and Muslim woman.

As you might have guessed, Omar has been lucky thus far. As one of only a few colored, Muslim women in Congress, she has been pretty much untouchable when it comes to elections, especially since she’s from a usually left-leaning city. In recent years and months, society has dictated that special privileges be given to women, minorities, and Muslims.

And Omar is all three, making it not only possible but likely that just about anyone who runs against her and isn’t those things will be painted as a misogynist or racist, or both.

But Omar won’t be able to pull that card when it comes to Abdirahman.

Besides, Abdirahman has a few more things going for her than Omar does.

Firstly, she has a great appreciation and love for America, the nation that took her in. And as such, she has vowed that should she successfully unseat Omar; she will return hope and positivity back to Minneapolis and the people calling it home.

In a Twitter post announcing her campaign against Omar, Abdirahman wrote, “Ilhan Omar was given a second chance when America took her in – but chose to ridicule the very country that saver her life. When I was welcomed as a legal American citizen, I responded by joining the U.S. Army. Now I’m taking a stand to give hope to the people of Minneapolis.”

That’s quite a difference from Omar’s outlook in most of her comments and speeches. Instead, she drones on about how America is broken and unworthy of her affection, all the while referring to terrorist attacks like 9/11 as that time when “some people did something.”

In contrast, Abdirahman has so much appreciation for America and freedoms that she put her very life on the line in service to her, “to give back to the men and women who gave their lives so that I could have a second chance.” Unlike Omar, she’s not taking her second chance for granted. She also hasn’t turned into a bitter old hag like Omar.

And she certainly could have, after all, that she’s been through.

In the video that accompanied her campaign announcement, Abdirahman explained her war-torn childhood, how her father was poisoned and died for not serving the  Somalia dictator and how her family fled to Kenya for their safety, where they lived in poverty. After four years, she and her family made it to the U.S., where she was given hope and a new life.

She also was the target of domestic abuse, which led to her becoming homeless and a single mother. And yet, through it all, she refused to become dependent on the government and a victim. Instead, she fought to make something of herself and her children, choosing American ingenuity over socialism.

And now, her goal is to bring that same kind of hope and self-motivation to America’s Congress.

I think it’s safe to say that Ilhan Omar will be hard-pressed to beat a woman so similar to her background and origin yet so vastly different when it comes to her belief and trust in America. And so help Omar if she attempts to launch an attack on Abdirahman. She will only be digging her own grave and proving that all her talk about supporting minority women is only dependent on her politics.