Rashida Tlaib Refuses To Admit Progressive Policies Are a Failure, and Continues Blaming Republicans and Corporate Democratic Backers

Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) served as a surprising choice for giving one of the responses to President Biden’s State of the Union address. However, the Working Families Party was her target audience as she spoke to the 300 or so people tuned in on their Facebook page. Her message was clear; to show how much of a leftist Biden is.

In her response, she alleged that Biden is yearning to be more of a progressive, but he is being sabotaged. Within his own party, moderate Democrats are working hand in hand with the Republican party to block the goals of the far left like the abolishment of filibusters, the passing of a Green New Deal, and solidifying abortion as an absolute right.

Tlaib is a big supporter of the Working Families Party, and she touched on how important they are to her. “The Working Families Party is a voice for the multiracial working class, fighting for a nation that cares for all of us. I’m a lifelong Democrat and I’m also part of the WFP, because I believe that our government must put the needs of working families first.”

Messages that make her sound like a normal American and to sympathize with the working American are nothing short of laughable. It is because of the stringent focus on progressive politics that we are seeing so much failure in the American economy. These policies don’t serve the American working family, and they don’t serve those already in poverty for the long term. At the start, they provide some assistance up from the bottom, but they also push them even further down when the tax bill shows up.

Being ignorant about how these kinds of things and being given a platform to regurgitate your fake statistics and views is the name of Tlaib’s game. It’s nauseating that any party wants to give her airtime for this kind of rhetoric, but they see her as an ally and not the enemy that she has truly proven herself as.

Her idea that the Build Back Better bill would have restored something in America is exceptionally disturbing. After claiming that it was blocked because “two forces stood in the way: a Republican Party that serves the rich and powerful. And just enough corporate-backed Democratic obstructionists to help them succeed… Imagine a government where corporate donors don’t drive healthcare, climate, education, and poverty policies. Where the working families call the shots…. Imagine turning the Rust Belt into a Green Belt that is a center of American jobs and innovation for the next century.”

Her references to the great manufacturing centers along the Great Lakes to turn into a center of American jobs is a pipedream. These states are insanely overtaxed, overregulated, and under-occupied. They will never see that kind of resurgence in our lifetime or our grandchildren’s. This is simply because these regions have large cities that vote almost exclusively for Democrats.

Their progressive policies are what choked out the rust belt. They have turned cities like Buffalo, Cleveland, and Detroit into mere shells of their former glory. Gone are the manufacturing titans of industry who once called these cities home. Instead, they are replaced by social justice reform and gender studies students who contribute nothing except for fake idealism. To rebuild these cities would be a massive undertaking and one that will only happen when the citizens of the city wake up and realize that they have been voting the same trash into office for 20+ consecutive years. Even when they wear a new face and go by a different name, it is still the same worm under that title of Democrat.