Piles of Burnt Human Remains Discovered In Mexican Cartel “Extermination” House…Mexico Tops the World In Missing Person Reports at Over 100,000

Mexican drug cartels rank among the world’s most ruthless and vicious killers. Without remorse, they’ll put a bullet in the head of anyone with the least suspicion of who they are or what they’re up to. Attempting to interfere in their business affairs often results in unbearable torture leading to death as an example to others.

Authorities were surveying a piece of land near Nuevo Laredo, Mexico for possible illegal activity. As they approached an old run-down wooden shack of a house, they stumbled across a burnt human foot sticking out of the ground with bits of fabric still clinging to it. 

Moving in for a closer look, they were taken aback. They had discovered a cartel “extermination” shack. A room in the back was piled two feet high with the remains of burnt bodies that had been ripped apart, compacted, and tossed into a rotting heap of flesh. 

This happened six months ago and investigators are still digging up bones and human fragments scattered about the 7,500 sq. ft. tract of land. Because the bodies were burned and mutilated, the exact number of victims is difficult to estimate.

Each day uncovers new articles of clothing, earrings, scorched buttons, rings, fingers, toes, and teeth. Pieces of wire were found in a field covered with scrub grass where some of the victims had apparently been tied and tortured before being lit on fire.

It took a team three weeks to clear the shack of the compacted mass of human remains and to scrape cremation soot and grease off the bathroom walls where they also found melted tires. 

Certain articles located appear to have belonged to truck drivers and cabbies who, by misfortune, delivered supplies or people to the cartels’ hideout, which resulted in them acquiring knowledge of a secret location no one is supposed to know about. That, in turn, acquired them a need for elimination.

Identifying the victims is nearly impossible and this is why drug lords are notorious for employing these savage methods. The number of missing person cases in Mexico tops 100,000 and the unidentifiable remains of over 52,000 people lie in morgues and cemeteries throughout the country. 

All the investigators are able to do in Nuevo Laredo is to measure the weight of the charred remains to determine the number of victims based on male/female weight averages. 

Authorities haven’t the resources to pick through the remains they continuously receive from all over Mexico. Oswaldo Salinas, head of the Tamaulipas state attorney general’s identification team said, “We take care of one case, and 10 more arrive.”

Here’s the part that’ll give you pause to think about why authorities failed to bring even one drug lord or their henchmen to justice in 2020. The obvious is that they’re highly experienced in leaving no traces and they move around, but also consider this. If anyone outside of the cartel is aware of a location they dare not say or they will under no questionable circumstances end up dead. Word will leak out to the wrong people via the many, many, cops on the take.

Some of them earn higher wages from the cartel than they bring home from their job. Their accustomed lifestyles would take a dramatic tumble should they rat out a drug lord, which really won’t matter considering they’ll be dead within an incredibly short timespan. Viva La Mexico!