Will We See Alexa on the Battlefield?

Alexa does so much for us already. This digital assistant makes it easy to enjoy convenience in our everyday lives. We simply say her name and we can add things to our Amazon shopping cart, turn on a music playlist, or even be shown our favorite movie.

The concept of Alexa may be making it into other industries, including the military.

Now, it likely won’t be Alexa herself on the battlefield. However, there is the possibility of being able to use voice control to operate drones, robots, and much more.

It was once said that the U.S. wasn’t as innovative as some of the other countries. If you listen to Kim Jong Un, he has a lot more toys than we do. While we’re not sure all of what he has over in North Korea, we’ve got some fun toys that shouldn’t go untold.

As reported by Military Times, there’s some really cool emerging tech that is coming out. Todd South, an enterprise reporter, explains how it’s possible to use the concept of Siri or Alexa but for combat. It’s straight out of something you’d expect out of video games – only this is real life.

Troops will soon be able to speak to combat robots so that commands are delivered to them. The best part? The robots will be able to respond.

Army scientists are using datasets and algorithms so that robots can answer questions about the conditions that they see.

Robots will also be able to ask questions of the troops. Don’t think that this is counterintuitive, though. There’s a reason for the questions – and they’re connected to the cloud. The robot will need to find out more about what the soldier needs in order to get clarification. They might ask about the color of a tool, the size of a target, and much more. It will all be part of their data-gathering process.

All sorts of universities around the country are partnering with the Department of Defense to provide some of these advanced robotics.

Who knows…the sound of war may soon sound like an electronic game of Battleship.