Quick! Someone Get Joy Behar Some Sensitivity Training

When we hear about anyone from The View, we have to brace ourselves for the liberal stupidity that is about to ensue. After all, the liberal co-hosts seem to pride themselves on their ability to one-up their ridiculous comments throughout the show – and even on social media.

We all know what happened to Whoopi Goldberg not too long ago when she decided that she was going to make the insensitive comment that the Holocaust wasn’t about race. Unfortunately, she didn’t learn much of a lesson since she faced only a two-week suspension.

Now, as Russia has invaded Ukraine, Joy Behar has spoken out.

Is it possible that she’s talking about how Biden and Harris have openly said that there will be some costs that Americans have to prepare for? Nope. Behar doesn’t care about any of that. She’ll defend the actions of the Democratic Party until she’s blue in the face.

Is she offering hopes and prayers for everyone who is over there? Again, no. She’s not really the caring person she pretends to be when the cameras are rolling.

Instead, Behar is concerned about how war may affect her vacation plans. During a panel discussion, she made the comment, “I’m scared of what’s going to happen in western Europe, too. You know, you just plan a trip. You want to go there, want to go to Italy for four years, and I haven’t been able to make it because of the pandemic, and now this.”

Yes, now this. Most people would be more concerned about the actual war that is taking place. Instead, Behar sees it as an obstacle because she can’t take a trip to Italy.

Are we supposed to feel sorry for her? Ukraine is getting bombed from every direction. Ukrainians are running for their lives, and they have nowhere to run.

Perhaps if we just explained to Putin that Behar wants to vacation to Italy and his plans for world domination are putting a crimp in her travels…

Joy Behar has said some pretty stupid things before, but perhaps it’s time for some sensitivity training.