Thanks, Biden, Rent is Higher Across the US

Biden stepped into the Oval Office on Inauguration Day like he was the Lone Ranger. He picked up his pen and began signing executive orders without any thought to the consequences. He created the problems that we’re facing around the country – including rent that is skyrocketing faster than anyone can digest.

Rent has always been dangerous because it can be raised suddenly and without warning. People look to renew their lease and find out that rent has gone up 10 to 20% in a single year – and even higher in some markets.

When a person’s earnings haven’t gone up that much, it’s a lot to process. Many find themselves unable to pay the rent. However, moving out to find cheaper rent has become a lot more complicated.

Many metropolitan cities have a median rent of $1800 or more for a one-bedroom apartment. Larger apartment complexes demand that tenants make three to four times the monthly rent, which means that people need to be earning salaries of $80,000 or more – and that’s just not the reality in Biden’s America.

People are at their breaking points financially. Most people were screaming when gas prices rose by over a dollar per gallon. Then, as it cost more to heat their homes, the screaming got louder.

According to the U.S Census Bureau, rental vacancy rates have fallen 5.6 percent, which is the lowest it has been since 1984. With the rates falling, it allows landlords to feel as though they can raise the rent – and the average increase is 20 percent according to a study conducted across the 50 largest cities in the U.S.

The median rent in the Miami metro area is a staggering $2850 – 49.8 percent higher than it was last year. Other cities that are highly desirable to live in are all seeing increases of more than 25 percent, too. This includes Austin, Memphis, Las Vegas, San Diego, Tampa, and others.

Boston is close to closing in on the most expensive rental market in the nation, though San Francisco still remains at the very top.

It’s easy to place the blame squarely on Biden’s shoulders. He’s failed to deal with inflation. Further, the southern border crisis has led to tens of thousands of people swarming into the country – and they need to find housing, too. With many being illegal and unemployed, they’re taking the cheaper properties – it’s causing many Americans to find themselves without any home at all.

According to, the median rent rose in one and two-bedroom places by an average of 19.3 percent from December 2020 to December 2021. That means that it’s entirely Biden’s fault, although he’d still love to blame it on Trump.

High inflation and skyrocketing rent are some of the top problems in the U.S. – and people are demanding that something be done about it.

Meanwhile, Biden and the rest of his liberal lackeys believe that Americans care about things like universal childcare, transgender closets in public schools, and allowing people to vote without having to show an ID.

Things are getting bad in the country, and Biden couldn’t care less.’s chief economist, Danielle Hale, explained to Associated Press “Without a lot of rental vacancy that landlords are accustomed to having, that gives them some pricing power because they’re not sitting on empty units that they need to fill.”

And it’s not much better for those who decide they want to stop renting. The housing market is for sellers, not for buyers. Most cities across the U.S. are seeing homes priced considerably higher than they were a year ago, and the inventory is so low that people are offering $10,000 or more above the asking price just to be in the running.

We’ve already seen inflation jump 7.5 percent in January over the prior year. We can’t afford anything higher. Maybe Biden can gain a moment of mental clarity so that he can realize just how much harm he is doing to the country.