Socialists Have a Plan…Should We Be Worried?

We have to watch everything that the Democrats do with the utmost caution. We are not simply dealing with a two-party system in the federal government. Democratic Socialists have infiltrated our government, and they pose as Democrats who care about our country.

Democratic Socialists are not Democrats. They are socialists, first and foremost. However, since we have a two-party system, they simply identify as a progressive Democrat. There are many who do this, including Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Socialism is an extremely dangerous construct – and it has never been successful. Yet, there are left-wing politicians in DC who think that becoming a socialist nation is what needs to happen.

Socialism is a Marxist theory where the community owns everything. Capitalism and private ownership would cease to exist – and the government would determine how everything would be distributed.

Innovation would die with the introduction of socialism, which is why it’s all the more reason to pay attention to what the far-left wants to introduce.

We’re seeing more and more socialist lawmakers appear in every state. They make promises to get themselves elected – and that’s when they are able to sink their liberal hooks into America. We’re already seeing what socialists in New York are doing. Their proposal of legislation is terrifying – and it can lead to a significant amount of money being spent to make improvements where no such improvements need to be made.

Let’s see what they are trying to push through.

Universal childcare. Single-payer healthcare. Criminal justice laws that make it easier to achieve parole.

Not everyone needs or wants these things, yet socialists have determined that’s what society needs. So, people will be forced to pay for things that they don’t need.

It’s like Robin Hood – they’re stealing from the rich to give to the poor. Although, they’re not really stealing from the rich because the politicians don’t want to have to pay for any of it.

Kathy Hochul, New York’s governor, has already decided that she won’t allow any more tax increases on the rich. So, how does the state plan to pay for all of its progressive agendas?

Oh, that’s right – they’ll tax the medium-level income folks – the ones who are just barely scraping by as it is. Even though someone might not need childcare, they’ll pay for it anyway. What a great plan…

State Senator Jabari Brisport believes that he can get all of the legislation pushed through. During a “Capital Tonight” interview, he stated that “My biggest lesson in my short time in Albany is that we only win the things we fight.”

Brisport is also responsible for helping to provide billions of dollars to workers who didn’t get pandemic relief from the federal government. And why didn’t they get the relief? They’re undocumented residents…otherwise known by conservatives as illegal aliens.

When Andrew Cuomo was governor, the far-left was able to convince him to raise taxes on the upper-income earners so that they could pay for their socialist agendas.

Brisport continues to shove these “priorities” in the faces of every Democrat, including those who are pushing back to say that they are too left-leani7ng.

The socialists will keep pushing. That’s their plan. And, they believe “it’s what the people need” and, according to Brisport is “probably the best thing for the chances of Democrats getting re-elected.”

That’s where he’s wrong, though – especially when it comes to criminal justice law changes.

Americans want to see money being spent across the board in a fair and legitimate way – and no one wants to be forced to pay for things that don’t have any impact on them. As for the changes to criminal justice laws, people are looking for more safety, not more crime.

We’ll have to wait to see what the midterms hold. Will Brisport see his socialist plans come to light as more Democrats get re-elected or will the red wave shut the socialists down once and for all?