San Francisco Fesses Up on Their Failures

The city of San Francisco is liberal-run. As such, they are known to make a lot of mistakes. Usually, they play their favorite game – point the finger. Only this time, mayor London Breed has decided that it’s time to take a different approach.

Maybe it’s that Breed has decided it’s time to accept blame when it is due. Or, maybe, it’s a political stunt to show that Democrats are capable of owning their mistakes.

Either way, the mayor has come forward to say that they failed the kids throughout the city.

We already heard about how three school board members were recalled in San Francisco. Much of this has to do with how they weren’t getting the job done. They didn’t care what parents had to say, and they were failing the entire school system.

Mayor London Breed came forward to own up to it all. “In this particular case, the board neglected their primary responsibility to focus on other things, other things that are important, but not as significant as what they were there to do and that is to educate children.”

Now, it’s nice to hear that she’s owning up to at least some of the ways in which the city has failed its future generation. However, she was quick to say, “in this particular case.” That means that she’s not accepting all of the failures – and there are a lot of them.

Let’s remember that San Francisco didn’t let students return to the classroom full-time until August 2021 – significantly longer than many other school districts across the country. Additionally, there have been a number of progressive policies pushed onto the students, including what they are being taught about “racism” and “U.S. history.”

Most who stand by the San Francisco school board have said that the measures taken were designed to keep students safe. The problem is that there are more and more Democrats turning on the liberal school board to say that enough is enough.

Breed acknowledged that “We failed our children.” She went on to explain that “Parents were upset. The city as a whole was upset, and the decision to recall school board members was a result of that.”

This needs to be an eye-opening experience for Mayor Breed. Just because the city is liberal doesn’t mean that they’ll accept every liberal agenda that is shoved at them, especially if it causes harm to their children.

Breed has proven that she’s an extremely far-left Democrat. And now, in light of what parents had to fight for to get the school board members recalled, it proves that there are many more moderates. They aren’t sheep. They’ll stand up for their rights and they’ll speak up when they see that something isn’t right.

The school board members allowed politics to get in the way – and Breed even owned up to this to say that children getting an education during a pandemic shouldn’t be “a Democratic-Republican issue.”

She’s right, but she should have seen what was going on before parents (and the entire city) turned to demand a recall.

Now that new members are being added to the school board, hopefully, the focus can be on education instead of politics. Too many children suffered due to remote learning – and it’s critical that children become the priority.

We can only hope that the school board and the mayor have learned their lessons. Of course, notice that we have not heard from Nancy Pelosi on this issue. She’s the Representative of the Bay area, but she’s too busy shoving her politically-lined liberal agenda into the faces of everyone on Capitol Hill to notice the “little people.”