Liberals Play Hardball on Repealing Viral Restrictions

The Democrats will never learn their lesson when it comes to following the rules and setting an example of what they want the general public to do. The senseless mask mandates and other viral restrictions continue to define their territories, but their actions tell a completely different story. The liberal leaders around the country continue to demand strict adherence to mandates that have proven worthless at stopping or even controlling the spread of the virus.

And now that Republican-run states have proven that the mandates are worthless and people can live free, many liberals are demanding that their selfish leaders reverse the mandates. But those cries are falling on deaf ears because the politicians have what they want and are not going to lift one finger to honor any of the promises they made to their voters.

Gavin Newsom and others like him gathered together in what can only be considered a massive betrayal photo without masks. They ignored the root of the pandemic laws that the liberals have superglued to society. After Newsom was exposed, all he could do was blame, shift, and try to tell people that the mask was taken off for a photo. And yet, there were plenty of other pictures throughout the hour that showed him enjoying the game without a mask. But there are no exceptions given in the law that allows for removing the mask.

Eric Garcetti is the mayor of Los Angeles. He tried to tell everyone that he, too, took off his mask to take a photo, and he stopped himself from breathing until he could put the mask back on. And yet, other pictures tell a different story of these two men violating mask mandates because they believe they are above the law.

The latest development in these liberal areas is that they want to change the rules because it suits them drastically. After all the hypocritical living from the liberal nutjobs, they decide that it is time to remove the COVID-19 pandemic torture regulations and return to a sense of routine. And the only reason they removed the restrictions is that they need people to like them so they can get reelected and survive the red wave approaching their territories.

The nutty part about removing the mask mandates only applies to the adults. Youth in liberal-controlled areas are still required to mask up. The liberal leaders got tired of having to answer for violating the regulations, so they decided it was time to remove them for themselves so they could get away from their critics.

The torturous rules apply only to the kids now. Kids must wear masks in school and while playing sports, but the adults can sit in the stands and not wear one. Just two years ago, the news was that kids were immune because the virus did not attack them. But now, it is that the virus will only kill the kids and not the adults.

RedState has recently reported that these actions coming from these liberals are abuse. The media outlet wrote, “What our leaders are doing is engaging in what can only be described as psychological abuse. While many of us have sat by and allowed them to do it to us, demanding that a different standard… one which has not resulted in any lower transmission, hospitalization, or death rates for children…. be applied to these kids, while these children watch these leaders engage in behavior that earns them trips to the principal, is unequivocally abuse.”

The Democrats hate people and hate children even more. They push for the abortion of babies and the torture of kids. Meanwhile, they expect adults to do nothing to stop them. They want to be able to do what they want however they want to do it. Their actions clearly show that they do not follow the law, and when they are questioned, they make up excuses to try to justify their actions. The best thing about their lifestyle is that it is ticking people off to the point that they are willing to vote against Democrats preying upon their victims.