BLM Loses More Footing After an Assassination Attempt

Black Lives Matter was all that we heard about for over a year. They divided, they looted, and they caused violence to erupt onto the streets. While there are still protests and chants heard in some of the largest cities, they are losing their footing.

The only time we hear about BLM, it is because they are doing something that is unforgivable. Instead of dividing society, they are dividing themselves from society.

It started with rumors that they weren’t filing their taxes. They weren’t offering any kind of transparency as to how they were spending the donations that roll in by the millions.

And now, one of the BLM activists decided that he was going to open fire in Louisville, Kentucky. The reason? He wanted to assassinate Craig Greenberg, a mayoral candidate.

Quintez Brown is the BLM activist in question. He was once honored by Barack Obama. He was boosted by Joy Reid. And now, he was arrested with charges of attempted murder as well as counts of wanton endangerment.

Black Lives Matter always said one thing and did another. They said that they wanted to peacefully protest that Black lives matter – and that they wanted to end police brutality. What they did, however, was create more violence – and it was often Black individuals and Black-owned businesses that were impacted the most, and in a negative way.

Brown was one of the top organizers of the protests throughout 2020. He was also a huge proponent of gun control – and yet, he’s the one that pulled a gun out in a crowded place in an attempted assassination.

The liberal media is going crazy. They are trying to defend Brown’s actions. He actually tried to murder someone in cold blood.

It gets worse, though.

The judge set his bail for only $100,000. And guess what? It’s being paid by the Black Lives Matter organization.

He actually was charged with attempted murder and is being released. Does the judge actually think that Brown (or someone else) isn’t going to try to finish what was started? Craig Greenberg has to be terrified at what’s happening right now.

BLM Louisville is trying to distance themselves a bit from Brown, explaining “We, like you, have no idea what transpired in this situation.” Yet, they have no problem with paying the bail money for Brown? Yeah, something smells foul…

This is when the liberal media should be distancing themselves from BLM entirely. They should be calling the organization out and condemning Brown’s actions. None of that is happening, though. They’re actually choosing to go after anyone who dared to even donate $50 toward the Freedom Convoy. Because, apparently, supporting a peaceful protest of truckers who are tired of COVID mandates is where the real threat in America is.

There’s no accountability anymore. BLM has, essentially, won. They can open fire in the middle of Louisville and attempt to assassinate a mayoral candidate that they don’t like. Sure, an arrest will happen – but as soon as it goes to court, they get released.

No wonder police officers are walking off the job in liberal cities. How are they expected to keep the communities safe when liberal judges keep letting criminals walk free?

The Department of Justice could actually do its job and investigate. Instead, they’d rather focus on parents who have concerns about what’s being taught to their kids.

America is broken, and we blame Biden for it.