Boston’s Mayor Needs a Wake-Up Call…Children Don’t Want to Be Suffocated

The Democrats have been lying to themselves about what everyone really wants for so long that they don’t even know the truth anymore. And one of the biggest ones in denial seems to be the mayor of Boston.

Democratic mayor Michelle Wu of Boston isn’t in any big hurry to get rid of mask mandates – even as many other liberal cities and states decide to drop them. She is particularly a fan of them at the schools – even though there’s a significant amount of research that shows masking children hasn’t been effective.

Why does she want to keep the mandates in place? According to her, the children WANT the masks at school.

No. Just no. No child wants to be suffocated by five layers of fabric while they sit at a desk for seven to eight hours a day. They can’t be heard by the teacher. They can’t be heard by their friends. And, let’s face it, students want to be able to SEE each other. It’s a big part of social interactions.

Unfortunately, the mayor has fallen so far down the rabbit hole that she can’t understand the needs of Americans today. Americans need to breathe – and Bostonians, especially, need her to grasp this concept.

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker (a Republican) gets it. During a recent press conference, he announced, “Given the extremely low risk to young people, the widespread availability and the proven effectiveness of vaccines, and the distribution of accurate test protocols, and tests, it’s time to give our kids a sense of normalcy and lift the mask mandate on a statewide basis for schools.”

Baker’s announcement is great news…and many other governors across the country have made similar announcements.

Great, let’s ditch the masks and move on with our lives.

Whoa, there. Boston Public Schools will be keeping their mask mandate firmly in place. They don’t see any reason to lift the mandate, despite the fact that the state has lifted theirs.

They have said that they are reviewing the announcement and have been working closely with the Boston Public Health Commission. As it stands right now, masking requirements are to stay for students and staff when on school buses and in schools.

Michelle Wu doubled down on the statement made by the school district with a tweet to say that she met with over 70 high school students. She claims they “apparently want to remain masked up beyond February 28.” It was accompanied by a photo of high school students raising their hands.

Twitter had a field day, saying that it was “not the most scientific way to make a policy choice” and “let me guess, they also raised their hands when asked if they’d like you to remain mayor.”

Wu has proven that she’s been drinking all of the Kool-Aid being served by the Biden administration. She has been very strict about the COVID mandates and has even gone as far as banning the unvaccinated from bars, restaurants, and theaters.

Have her mandates helped to keep the COVID virus at bay? Of course not. The city is currently averaging 300 cases a day, though last month, the averages were over 1,000. People will get COVID regardless of vaccination status, regardless of where and when they were a mask. The waning of the caseload is not due to her strict mandates but due to the ebb and flow of the variants. As omicron dies down, so are the new cases.

Perhaps as students actually speak out to say that they didn’t raise their hands to say that they wanted to be suffocated by masks, Wu will decide to get on board with what the governor has already announced – allowing people to get back to a “sense of normalcy.”