GOP Representative Believes Capitol Police Was Spying on Him

Texas Republican Representative, Troy Nehls, just accused the United States Capitol Police (USCP) of spying on him. He said that the USCP placed him under “investigation” and took secret photos of legislative documents in his office that are constitutionally protected.

Rep. Nehls put out a press release that accused the Capitol Police of saying he was a subject of an investigation “in which a USCP officer entered his office and took a photo of private Congressional material protected by the Speech and Debate Clause, Article I Section 6 of the U.S. Constitution. The photo was passed up to USCP intelligence analysts and a report was filed citing ‘suspicious writings.’”

Soon after Nehls wrote the press release, three plain-clothed USCP agents came back to his office and questioned a staff member about the contents of the photos in question.

He also accused Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic House Speaker, of joining with her leadership to weaponize federal agencies so that opposing views would be suppressed. This is according to Fox News Digital.

Tom Manger, the Police Chief for the U.S. Capitol, released a statement defending his officers. He said that if a member’s office is left open and unsecured, USCP officers are supposed to document it and secure the office. They are to make sure that no one can wander in and steal or disrupt anything.

Manger said that one of his “vigilant” officers saw that the congressman’s door was wide open. USCP personnel personally followed up with Nehl’s staff and found that no investigation or further action was necessary. He said that there was never an investigation initiated into the representative or his staff.

Nehls’s words were focused on Pelosi. He said that she is weaponizing the Capitol Police. Nehl went further and said that he was grateful that the USCP Inspector General was standing up for his officers, and he is grateful that they are now reviewing Pelosi’s anti-democratic plot.

Representative Jim Banks, a Republican from Indiana, said that Capitol Police officers should be thanked and that they don’t deserve to be used as pawns by the Democrats.

The focus of concern is a dry erase board in the congressman’s office that had information on new legislation related to police body armor along with a map of the Rayburn House Office Building. There was an “x” labeled near the C Street entrance. Nehls’s office told USCP that it was there to tell an intern where to get ice.

According to the USCP report, the officer found Nehl’s office door open and announced himself. He then investigated and found suspicious writings mentioning body armor on the whiteboard along with a marked map.

Manger wrote an email to Nehls with the report that was filed by the plainclothes officers that interviewed the congressman’s staff. It also said that the USCP did not feel that there would need to be any more documentation.

But this story comes at the same time that the USCP faces scrutiny over a reported surveillance practice on D.C. lawmakers and their staff. There has been a focus on the people that they meet with. Several GOP leaders signed a letter to Speaker Pelosi and the Committee on House Administration. They asked the committee to investigate reports that the USCP was “monitoring” lawmakers and citizens.

Andy Biggs, a Republican Representative from Arizona, wrote a letter with 33 of his GOP colleagues to Pelosi concerning reports that the Capitol Police have looked into the backgrounds of people who are meeting with lawmakers.

Republican Congressman Rodney Davis believes that the main concern is that Capitol Police are dependent on political leadership when they make security decisions. Therefore, those decisions are political in nature.

Pelosi calling the shots with the Capitol Police is not something that should be taken lightly. Let’s hope this investigation has legs and there is follow-through before the Democratic leadership continues without restraint.