Ted Cruz Pushing for Answers As to Why GoFundMe Is Playing Dirty Politics

The Democrats and liberals are a crooked group of people who seek to institute their destructive plan worldwide. Socialist leaders in Canada have locked down the entire country to the point that essential consumables cannot be found anywhere. Canada’s leaders keep truckers from delivering their goods to struggling communities all over the country. And as a result, truckers are fighting back by leaving their trucks in critical regions to fight back and protest how the pandemic is being used to cripple and destroy a nation.

In the heat of the protest, a GoFundMe page was set up to help raise money for the peaceful protest and the truckers in Canada. But in typical liberal fashion, the fundraiser company decided that they would seize the funds and freeze any distribution of the money because they believe that the truckers do not have the right to protest peacefully in their country. It is another way the liberals are trying to kill free speech and keep people from having control over their lives.

But the Republicans of America are going after GoFundMe for how they fraudulently treat the cause. Senator Ted Cruz is taking the fight to a new level and demanding that the Federal Trade Commission investigate the company for the way they have canceled a fundraiser to aid truckers in Canada.

Ted Cruz stated, “Today I sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission asking that the FTC open an investigation into GoFundMe into whether they’ve committed deceptive trade practices. Because when people gave money, they gave money under the promise it would go to the Freedom Convoy, not to whatever left-wing political ideology GoFundMe and other Silicon Valley companies support. They are deceiving consumers and it is wrong.”

The protest coming from truckers is so effective that the demonstration will force lawmakers’ hands. The liberal fundraiser organization saw an opportunity to take millions of dollars and use it for their purposes. They could not stand the fact that conservatives were being so effective in how they were fighting the socialist lockdowns taking place in Canada.

The Freedom Convoy fundraiser, as it is known, has raised $10 million. Those funds are to be used for the cause they were given. The GoFundMe organization has put out only a million funds and kept the rest for themselves. At one point, the organization stated they would send the other $9 million to other charities of their choice, which is a move that violates the ethical standards of donation-based giving.

The GoFundMe people stated that “Organizers provided a clear distribution plan for the initial $1M that was released earlier this week and confirmed funds would be used only for participants who traveled to Ottawa to participate in a peaceful protest. Given how this situation has evolved, no further funds will be directly distributed to the Freedom Convoy organizers — we will work with organizers to send all remaining funds to credible and established charities verified by GoFundMe.”

The pressure from GoFundMe users ended up being so much that the organization reversed its initial decision and stated that it would refund donations. But even that move is illegal because they have interfered in a peaceful protest. But when socialists sit in leadership positions, they will find a way to stop any opposition against their devious plans.

Republicans all over the place are digging into the matter and filing suits against GoFundMe. The platform does not have the right to seize the funds and try to use them the way they want to. Even Ron DeSantis has weighed in on the matter and stated that GoFundMe is committing fraud to take money that is not theirs to have.

Americans who donated to the cause are stuck between a rock and a hard place as liberals violate their right to give to funds designed to fight against the liberal takeover of the world. Truckers in Canada are waging a fight for their freedom, and liberals do not have the right to interfere in those efforts. GoFundMe needs to release that money to the truckers and keep their liberal noses at the issue.