Biden Continues To Thin Jobs As National Struggle Escalates

Crush Rush /

Joe Biden will go down in history as the president who thinned the labor market. Every president has the job of making sure that things keep growing and increasing so the country stays healthy and robust. But when the old man’s goal is to minimize the nation and see that it is weakened, he will need to take steps to kill off job growth. And that is exactly what Joe Biden is doing.

The old man promised to increase the number of jobs, but all he has done is systematically eliminated entire sections of employment through his illegal mandates and pointless cancelation of pipeline construction. Biden has turned his back on the people that supposedly voted for him, and they are furious with him.

Last month was the end of growth from the Donald Trump days. The effects of Biden’s choice are starting to take hold. That constitutes a loss of over 300,000 jobs in one month alone. The loss of jobs is a significant concern because the president’s mandates have also contributed to a nationwide labor shortage.

The report put out by the ADP Research Institute showed that the country is suffering from job losses. Nela Richardson is a Chief Economist with ADP. She noted that “The labor market recovery took a step back at the start of 2022 due to the effect of the Omicron variant and its significant, though likely temporary, impact on job growth. Most industry sectors experienced job loss, marking the most recent decline since December 2020. Leisure and hospitality saw the largest setback after substantial gains in fourth-quarter 2021, while small businesses were hit hardest by losses, erasing most of the job gains made in December 2021.”

The shocking part about the job losses is Biden does not seem to care. He has remained relatively silent about the issue. The only thing his administration can blame for the lower job rate is the COVID-19 Omicron variant. Once again, the sad old president is hiding behind the pandemic to cover up his massive failures as a person.

Biden will find that the pandemic is not the reason for job losses once the restrictions are lifted. The thought that he keeps blaming his failures on the pandemic is sickening and outright anti-American. The entire country knows that he is a failure and needs to admit his mistakes and make a change to fix them by working with all members of the Senate and House.

Brian Deese is the director of the National Economic Council. The Daily Wire reported that he mentioned, “We expect that that will impact the numbers. We never put too much weight on any individual month; this will particularly be true in this month because of the likely effect of the short-term absences from omicron.”

The virus does not have the impact that these liberals think it does. People had been getting sick for years before COVID ever showed, and it did not have the so-called impact that they are claiming it does. The truth is that Joe Biden is ruining the country one job loss at a time.

One issue that Biden’s liberal thugs fail to mention is the massive inflation problem that his little mind has caused. Businesses have had to fire employees because the cost of staying open is too great. Business owners have had to decrease their payroll because the extra cash is not there to pay their workers.

The rate of inflation and price increases continue to rise. The rate of inflation has been the worst in the past four decades. And what that means is that things are going to get so expensive that businesses are going to have to reduce their workforce, which will record job losses from month to month. At some point, Joe Biden will not be able to hide behind the pandemic.

The president is powerless to make things better in America because he subscribes to socialist ideology. That form of government has never worked out well for any country. In every case, the country affected has fallen into ruin and ends up being ruled by an evil dictator. And in this case, that evil dictator would be Joe Biden.