DeSantis Memorabilia in Plain Sight at Trump Rally…the Clever Plan Is Working and It’s Pure Genius

Donald Trump is fond of suspense. He likes to keep people guessing until whatever big moment they’re anticipating arrives. As such, he still has America sitting on the edge of its seat concerning his plans for 2024. Will he or won’t he? It’s doubtful Melania even knows. But let’s assume he’s had enough and who could blame him? Who’s capable of filling Trump’s always well-polished size 12 Oxfords? Here’s an in-your-face clue.

At Donald Trump’s recent shindig in Conroe, Texas where he spoke to tens of thousands of loyal supporters, huge tables were overflowing with merchandise. MAGA hats, shirts, magnetic car signs, flags, coffee cups, and you name it, were on full display for the eager buyers.

But there was another table strategically located where it couldn’t help but be seen, and the various bumper stickers that all read “DeSantis 2024,” were free. Think about this. Everybody knows that table would not have been there without the Don’s full knowledge and approval. Everybody.

Nikki Rye is a Florida native who’s been hawking Trump gear at his rallies since 2015. She said that any merchandise pertaining to DeSantis is becoming “a very sought-after item,” and she’s been watching her state’s Republican governor grow in popularity. Her mobile shop is flanked with life-size cardboard cutouts of Trump and DeSantis.

Rally goers like Kim Mitchell, 62, of Canyon Lake, Texas were ecstatic to see Donald Trump live and in the flesh. She and her husband own an automotive garage where a Trump flag proudly hangs. Mitchell said they’d support Trump all the way back into the White House if he runs, but if not, DeSantis is their likely alternative.

Mitchell conceded how there might be some benefit in electing a less polarizing figure next time around. “You know, [sic] there’s several people out there that seem to have the same beliefs that he does. And people don’t hate them. I hate to say that because I feel like I’m being disloyal.”

Here’s why DeSantis stands a good shot at the presidency and why Donald Trump appears to be propping him up for public viewing, much like a debutante at a ball. A recent AP poll found that 71% of Republicans still think highly of Trump. But of that percentage, only 56% want him to make another run for it. Overall, 44% of all Republicans polled do not want to see Trump make a bid for election.

Once again, just as Trump is fully aware of DeSantis memorabilia infiltrating his events, he’s also aware of DeSantis’s rise in popularity because he’s behind it, and he’s playing up to his own love of suspenseful thrillers. 

GOP pollster Frank Lutz said of Trump’s standings, “He still has a core of somewhere between one-third and 40% that will vote for him no matter what, but it is now a minority. It was the majority up until six months ago. But it is now a minority.”

Trump is all too aware of how DeSantis could do a lot more for advancing his agenda by being in the Oval Office than he could do at this point. He’s known this for some time, and it’s exactly why his plan is coming together.

Who doesn’t like DeSantis? He’s a carbon copy of Donald Trump with a somewhat better personality but still will not take any guff from a bleeding-heart liberal. And, he respects and will seek advice from the man he admires the most…yep…Donald Trump.

In summary: If you want Donald Trump to serve another term, but he ends up sending Ron DeSantis to race in his place, you know what to do. The tag-team of Trump/DeSantis is not just an option, it’s the brass ring. Better grab ahold.