Former President Donald Trump Formally Endorses Rep. Russell Fry

Evan El-Amin /

This past Tuesday found former President Donald Trump making an unexpected announcement. Given his absence from much of the public eye recently, many suspected he would remain silent through the 2022 midterm elections. Yet, out of nowhere, he chose to endorse South Carolina State Representative Russel Fry (R-SC) in his bid to take the seat from U.S. House Representative Tom Rice (R-SC). You may recall Rep. Rice is one of only 10 Republicans to vote for President Trump’s impeachment.

To call President Trump infuriated about this man is an understatement. To him, Rep. Rice is the lowest of the low. He had turned his back on MAGA. He had turned his back on the President. He considered him to be a traitor and wants his revenge. What better way than by beating the man at his own game; politics? By pushing for Rep. Fry to take his seat, Trump ensures Rice is no longer at the table.

Speaking through his political action committee Save America Trump said “America First Champion Russell Fry has been a leading fighter on Election Integrity, is pro-Life, pro-God, pro-Gun and, very importantly, pro-LOW Taxes. As Chief Majority Whip in South Carolina, he led the charge in passing the Open Carry Act, and also succeeded with the Religion is Essential Act. Russell loves our Military and our Vets—he is strong on Border Security and Crime. Russell Fry, who is all in for the Palmetto State, has my Complete and Total Endorsement. VOTE TOM RICE OUT NOW!”

This strong message is all for Rep. Fry, with no room left for interpretation. Trump wants Rice out, and the sooner the better. While Rep. Fry has stayed largely quiet about the endorsement, he doesn’t need to say much. Rep. Rice’s voting record and his flip flop against the right side are enough to show how inconsistent he has been as a congressman.

When speaking with Politico about the Jan. 6th insurrection at the Capitol, he felt as if President Trump was a coward and just allowed it to happen. “There was a coward in that equation, but it wasn’t [former Vice President] Mike Pence… In retrospect, I should have voted to certify. Because President Trump was responsible for the attack on the Capitol.” This kind of flip-flop based upon actions then President Trump did not control is horrific.

Voting against certifying the elections is a move rarely undertaken and one many were slightly surprised to see. Given his admission of doing so is now a mistake over an insurrection is unjust. It also draws into question his integrity.

If he voted against certifying the election, then something must have given him suspicions of fraud or something else occurring. To turn around and claim he was wrong because of the insurrection says the vote against certifying was personal, and while Americans expect this flip-flop action from Democrats, it is not expected on the Republican side of the house.

Rep. Rice has shown his true colors in many ways over the years. He is one of the Republicans who largely votes based upon what he thinks will curry favor with those over him. He is the prototypical ‘yes’ man. Without a real backbone or ability to fight for change, he will continue to sell out Americans at every turn if he thinks it will help him gain a leg up.

Rep. Fry, on the other hand, has been a steadfast congressman and his leadership and tutelage is something South Carolina needs to keep. The endorsement from former President Trump speaks volumes to the leadership levels of this great American.