Forget Qualifications and Choose Based on Skin Color Is Progressive’s Cry

Brandon Bourdages /

Joe Biden is a man who likes to make promises that he cannot possibly keep. During his campaign run in 2020, the old man stated that he would nominate a black lady to sit on the bench of the Supreme Court. And now that Stephen Breyer has announced his intentions to retire, the nasty liberals are looking for Biden to live up to that promise.

The issue created is the selectivity of the person that Biden is looking to install on the bench. He promised, not even realizing that such appointments need to be based on experience and qualifications and not skin tone.

His promise leaves a lot of room for failure. Progressives are already moving to hold the old man to his promise because they have already realized that a person of color needs to be on the bench. They act like it will change the world. And that is what they thought about putting Kamala Harris in the vice president’s office, and things certainly have not gotten any better.

When Justice Breyer made his intentions known, it did not take long for the dogs to start circling. Brian Fallon worked for Hillary Clinton during her presidential attempt. He noted that “Biden will get a chance to make history by putting the first Black woman on SCOTUS, and he will have many highly qualified candidates to choose from. One of those candidates, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, was supported by all 50 Dems and three Republicans for DC Circuit last year.” That assumes that Biden will even remember the names of qualified people for such an honor.

The loony left cannot help themselves from suggesting names of people Biden should choose from. These progressives are willing to ditch Breyer and forget that he gave years of service to the country. They want to forget the old and embrace the new.

Eli Mystal is a staunch progressive who cannot help but give out names. He is already attacking the Moderates and Republicans before any name is ever called. He wrote, “My hot take is that Kentaji Brown Jackson is the pick and she gets Romney and Murkowski and basically obviates whatever BS Manchin and Sinema are planning to pull.”

The liberals believe that placing people of color into key positions will somehow open the doors up to the utopian society they are working so hard to create. But every time they get their wish, they realize that their supposed choice was wrong. And they did not get the expected end that they hoped for.

The Democrats want to choose the next candidate based on their ethnic background and skin color. They are willing to violate every law that prohibits what they are pushing for. Every person is supposed to be considered for an employment position. To preference one based on the color of their skin is breaking the law.

Failure to consider all the options and choose based on qualifications is a flagrant violation of humanity. But the progressives do not care about the rule of law. They care about getting what they want, no matter the cost.

Joe Biden should have shut his mouth and never made such a statement during his campaign. He has set himself up perfectly to violate every moral code of conduct based on how he handles this issue. Failure to keep his promise will make him a liar to the progressive crowd. But to neglect all qualified people is to break every law about segregation and cultural standards.

Justice Breyer would like to know who will be replacing him. But for him to wait around to see who that person might raise serious questions about why he is retiring. Joe Biden would be the one president who will have rigged a replacement position on the bench of the Supreme Court.