Live-Television Interview Allows for Pro-Abortion Activist To Have Abortion on Air

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Fox 2 Detroit found a new way to make history on their “Let It Rip” segment this past Sunday. Anchor Charlie Langton welcomed abortion rights activist Jex Blackmore, and pro-life lawyer Rebecca Kiessling to discuss the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) updated guidance that allows abortion pills to be prescribed via telehealth and sent to patients in the mail without an in-person doctor’s visit.

Blackmore is also widely known for her previous position as a spokesman for the Satanic Temple and brought some of the same shock value that the Satanic Temple is known for along with her. As she went on about how easy these pills make being in charge of your abortion, she leaned heavily on their 22-year history of use.

“It is extremely easy and private and allows you to really self-manage your abortion… Charlie, I just really want to share with you really quickly, like, this here is mifepristone. This is the first of two pills you would take to end a pregnancy. It would induce an abortion, this very pill, by blocking the hormone [progesterone] in allowing a pregnancy to grow,” she said while producing a white pill for the camera to see.

As Charlie looked on in surprise, he questioned what she had done. While Blackmore refused to say if she was indeed pregnant or not during the clip, she did admit it would be her third abortion if she was truly pregnant. This shocking expose certainly was something Charlie nor anyone tuning in could have expected.

Kiessling was quick to speak up on her viewpoints about how things could still be changed. As a child who was adopted after being conceived due to rape, she has very strong convictions about the subject and how this wasn’t a final step. “I have a lot of friends who had abortions through the abortion pill. Really, there’s no dignity in losing your baby screaming in your bathroom and going through contractions and having to scoop up your baby’s parts off the bathroom floor… You can reverse the abortion pill, first of all. There are many women who end up regretting after taking the first pill and they can go through that abortion pill reversal.”

A reversal is the last thing anyone could expect Blackmore to go through. Her stance on the issue is well documented and after the interview was over, Kiessling took to Facebook to share how seeing Blackmore take the pill bothered her. She compared it to watching a drone strike hit unsuspecting people, which is a devastating thing, and for anyone reading, the accuracy is astounding.

Given the left’s agenda of speaking out for pro-abortion like it was the best idea ever has been sickening. To see someone actively starting their third abortion process on TV isn’t a political demonstration nor is it a good message about women’s rights. It is a shock for the sake of shock and it does nothing but give further credence to why this needs to be restricted.

With nothing stopping an online provider from giving these pills to people who may not be truly pregnant, it brings about the possibility of someone being forced into an abortion by a trusted person. While this is not something that is being widely reported as occurring, the chances of it happening are increased dramatically with easier access via online doctors. This risk is something the American government needs to take seriously and look into severely restricting. If they don’t, it’s only a matter of time until we start seeing unwanted abortions occurring even more frequently.