Eric Adams Proves He’s Like Every Other Liberal Mayor

lev radin /
lev radin /

Once Bill de Blasio was driven out of New York City, we were given hope that New York City would start to return to greatness. It had been a great city once before – Rudy Giuliani saw to that throughout the 1990s. The city was cleaner and safer than it had ever been.

Eric Adams may be a Democrat, but we had hope that he’d be what the people of New York City needed. After all, he had a strong campaign platform. He made a lot of promises. He offered a different voice than what de Blasio had been offering for years.

Unfortunately, Eric Adams has proved that he’s like so many of the other liberal mayors across the U.S. He’ll point the finger at anywhere but the truth.

This past weekend, New York City cops had to answer a 9-1-1 call where a mother was seeking assistance for her adult son. Domestic calls can be some of the most difficult. However, when the cops arrived, they found a violent and armed felon, not a distraught mother.

The felon had already killed an office and left another one critically wounded in the apartment hallway.

The felon would be 47-year-old LaShawn McNeil, who was already critically wounded when the cops got to the scene. He was not just someone who was mentally unstable and needed help. He has an impressive criminal record, including a prior arrest for a felony narcotics conviction. He’s actually still on probation from it. There are also four arrests from other places, including Pennsylvania and South Carolina.

Oh, and when the cops conducted their investigation, they found a Glock with a high-capacity magazine that McNeil was in possession of. And of course, that firearm was stolen.

This is a tragedy for sure. The cops should have known what they were going into.

Unfortunately, illegal firearms will always exist. However, it’s clear that NYC didn’t do their job when handling McNeil the first time around considering that he was on probation.

Yet, Eric Adams didn’t even bother to own up to what happened. Instead, he pointed to the gun and the federal government as being the problem.

He was quick to say, “We need Washington to act now to stop the flow of weapons into our cities.”

Nice try, Adams, but the reality is that criminals will always find a way to seek out weapons. Further, NYC has had a long history of letting criminals back onto the streets instead of dealing with them in prison. It’s why there’s no longer a deterrent for the criminals. They feel as though they can assault and kill citizens (and police officers) without really having to face any kind of penalty.

And McNeil is a perfect example.

Of course, Kathy Hochul, the state’s governor, wanted to jump onto the train. “When I say we’re going to do everything we can to stop the scourge of illegal guns in our state, it’s not just talk. We are tripling funding for efforts to get these guns off the streets.”

Hochul and Adams alike are proving that they’re ignorant of the way in which criminals operate. Illegal guns are illegal. But when you’re using them to kill, what does it matter whether a gun was acquired illegally or not? An even bigger crime is already being carried out.

Eric Adams could have been the change that NYC needed. Instead, he proved that he’s simply a younger version of Bill de Blasio – and the liberal, pro-criminal politician will end up driving NYC’s crime rates even higher because he doesn’t know how to accept blame when it comes around.