Oregon Pushes for the Extreme by Discussing Making Mask-Wearing Permanent

Drazen Zigic / shutterstock.com
Drazen Zigic / shutterstock.com

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve been told to wear masks. The CDC started out by showing everyone how they could make their own. Now, we’re being told that N95 masks are the only ones that offer any real protection. Of course, good luck finding N95 masks anywhere, especially ones that haven’t been manufactured in China.

We wear the masks to keep everyone safe. Yet, we’re also being told to get vaccinated to keep everyone safe.

Which is it? Is it the mask or the vaccine that is working to keep everyone safe? And, really, how long until we can put it all behind us?

Well, if you’re in Oregon, there may not be any putting it behind you. The state is looking to make mask-wearing indoors a permanent part of everyday life. Isn’t that a bit extreme? You betcha, but that’s not slowing down the top dogs from taking such action.

The Oregon Health Authority requires everyone, regardless of vaccination status, to wear some kind of face-covering – mask, face shield, or even gaiter – in all indoor spaces. To be clear, that includes “pubic and private workplaces, businesses, indoor areas open to the public, building lobbies, common or shared spaces, classrooms, elevators, bathrooms, transportation services and other indoor space where people may gather for any purpose.”

Yikes. Talk about suffocating the public over a virus that, for the most part, results in symptoms similar to the common cold.

Now, the rule is set to expire in February. It makes sense that it would expire since it’s been two years since the pandemic started. And, cases are waning across the country. Places like the U.K. are even talking about lifting all of their COVID restrictions.

Yet, Oregon, is so deathly afraid of the COVID pandemic that they are talking about making the order permanent so that people will have to mask up indoors indefinitely.

This is terrifying. It’s the ultimate level of fear-mongering and government overreach. It’s also important to look at the full list of what an “indoor space” is defined as. Kids would have to wear masks indefinitely inside of the classrooms, which can lead to the inability to speak properly and be heard by the teacher as well as for students to be unable to effectively hear what the teacher is saying. And, then, it also includes anyone wanting to take the train or bus to get to work, those who work inside of offices, and more.

The state is ready to suffocate everyone. And yet, they’re not thinking about ways to end the restrictions. What is the point of maintaining this mask mandate when the number of cases is declining?

State Representative Pam Marsh told a local news channel that “None of us want to wear these masks forever, that is not the intent at all.” Hmm, what does she think the word “permanent” means? She goes on to say that “it’s to recognize where we’re at in this public health emergency and enable us to continue with those mask requirements.”

Ahh, you gotta love the way in which Democrats think. We’re reaching the end of the public health emergency. And, with more people vaccinated, the need to wear masks everywhere is simply not necessary. Look at Florida and Texas as perfect examples. They’ve had no mask mandate and they are not near the number of COVID cases as places like New York and California where the mandates are in place.

People need the ability to breathe without having multiple layers of fabric shoved in front of their mouths and noses.

Perhaps Oregon will come to their senses and see that an indefinite mask mandate is definitely not the way to deal with the pandemic.