Stop with the Voter IDs Already…Dems Don’t Get It

Rob Crandall /
Rob Crandall /

When you ask Americans, regardless of race, gender, or political affiliation, what the biggest issues are in the country, you’ll get a lot of answers. You’ll hear things like inflation, supply chain issues, healthcare, and more. What you won’t likely hear about is voter suppression.

Voter suppression does happen because there are people who don’t have photo IDs. However, it’s a minuscule amount of the population. Those who don’t have photo IDs can’t do a lot of other things, either. And they’re mad about that, too. They’d rather have a photo ID to get a job and to buy alcohol than they would to cast a vote in the next election.

Biden promised that he’d offer unity when he got into the office. Yet, he goes along with these liberal ideas that only affect a small percentage of the population. And he focuses so narrowly on them that they become divisive. Instead of unifying the country, he’s dividing the country. And it’s not even on a hot topic issue. It’s about demanding that we don’t ask for voter ID.

Who cares? No one cares about voter IDs. All we want in an election is to prove that you are who you say you are. It ensures that the right person is voting, that each American only gets one vote, and that you are actually an American citizen.

Why don’t we want illegal aliens voting? Because they don’t have the right to be here. If they can’t follow the legal path to citizenship, they don’t get a say in our politics. It’s really that simple.

It has nothing to do with white supremacy. That’s just another way for the liberals to divide. If you say anything against voter IDs, you must be a white supremacist. You’re a racist because you would dare prevent Black people from voting.

Yet, there are countless Black people who are insulted by the idea that they’re not able to vote. Of course they are. They vote in every election. Why? Because they have an ID and they are a functioning, contributing member of society.

At this point in time, there are very few people who don’t have a photo ID or a birth certificate. Those individuals are likely homeless. And very few are being vocal to say that they want to vote. It’s not a white versus Black issue. It’s simply about not having a mailing address.

Shouldn’t the liberals focus on homelessness and ensure that everyone has a photo ID instead of making issues where there shouldn’t be any?

Here’s the thing. With all that the liberals want, they want us to carry proof of vaccinations to get into restaurants. They want our photo IDs to be able to buy alcohol. And, they want us to wear masks. But, as D.C. mayor Bowser wants to say, asking for an ID to vote is a form of “racist voter suppression.”

When Biden was in Georgia, he went on such a rant that he started wagging his finger at the crowds.

There’s nothing wrong with asking for an ID. However, it would be easier for the liberals to not bother to ask for an ID so that they can start to bring in more voters – such as those being allowed into the country from the southern border. It all makes sense. As RedState explained, “Democrats want votes harvested like crops of corn.”

This really isn’t the issue that the Dems want to make it out to be. If Biden and the rest of his administration would put the kind of energy they’re putting into voter suppression into anything else (start with inflation, please), Biden’s approval rating might actually start to rise.