Nikki Fried, Florida Governor Wanna-Be, Compares DeSantis to Hitler

Sasha_Strekoza /
Sasha_Strekoza /

And yet again, there is another story of Democratic rhetoric about Republicans going over the top. We had Biden’s rant in Atlanta, and now we have Nikki Fried’s half-baked accusation against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Fried is a Democrat attempting to become the next governor of Florida. She recently compared Gov. Ron DeSantis to Adolf Hitler.

Gov. DeSantis was one of the first Republican governors to reopen his state after the nationwide COVID-19 pandemic that caused a lockdown-induced recession. His decisive actions caused him to rise to the position of leadership for the national conservative movement. He became a voice for a return to normalcy even while you are protecting those who are most vulnerable.

Nikki Fried is serving as the agricultural commissioner for the state of Florida. She has been one of the leading voices in the state criticizing the governor. She did a National Public Radio interview on the Friday Roundup Podcast. While speaking, she raised her criticism of DeSantis significantly by making the Adolf Hitler comparison.

Melissa Ross was the NPR co-host interviewing Frid. She asked the commissioner to explain a tweet she wrote calling DeSantis a “dictator.” That’s when Fried began to explain that Gov. DeSantis had policies that were similar to those enforced during “the rise of Hitler.”

Nikki Fried said, “Growing up in Miami, you know, and having neighbors that were Cubans — growing up with hearing the stories of so many of our Floridians who have left dictatorships and communism and socialist countries — and coming here to the state of Florida for capitalism, for open opportunities to succeed: DeSantis is doing everything possible to take away power from local governments.”

She went further describing how the governor was taking away people’s right to protest; he was making it harder to vote, and he was talking about banning books. Fried declared that what the governor was doing is what dictators do.

“Instead of listening and trying to govern with the people, he is trying to govern over the people, and, you know, that, I’m sorry, I’m a student of history, too. I saw the rise of Hitler, I learned those stories,” Fried said.

Ross zeroed in on the rhetoric by asking if Fried was comparing DeSantis to Hitler. Fried responded by saying that in a lot of ways she was. She said that she has studied Hitler and how he got to power and established his own militia. Ross interjected and reminded Fried that other states have their own militias, but Fried got even more intense. She said that Gov. DeSantis was doing it for the sole purpose of getting more power and creating more fear. She said that he wanted to blame people for what is happening in their lives, especially certain parts of society and culture. Fried said that Hitler did the same things to the Jews in World War II.

NPR’s Ross commented that Fried’s words resembled Godwin’s Law. This is the idea that the probability of invoking Hitler increases to 1 as an online discussion goes forward. Fried back-peddled and said that she did not think that we were going to get the full extent of Hitler’s power. She did say that his rise to power and his focus on scapegoating certain parts of society was what the governor was doing.

It did not take long for some colleagues of DeSantis to rise to condemn Fried’s remarks. Gabriel Groisman, the mayor of Bal Harbour, Florida, reminded people that Hitler murdered 6 million Jews and about 3 million others. He said that Gov. DeSantis is loved by the Jewish community in the state and has led Florida with dignity. Then, he tweeted that Fried’s desperation was showing. Florida Lieutenant Governor, Jeanette Nuñez, called Fried’s words repulsive and offensive.