FBI’s Response to Hostage Situation in TX Synagogue is Disgusting

danielo / shutterstock.com
danielo / shutterstock.com

Over the weekend, a hostage situation took place at a synagogue in Colleyville, Texas. A rabbi and a number of members of the synagogue were held hostage by an Islamic radical who wanted to make a trade. He was willing to trade the hostages for his sister – someone who is currently in prison because of attempting to kill American military personnel.

It’s one of the simplest cases because the terrorist who did the hostage-taking maintained a Facebook Live video. He identified what his motives were.

There’s only one problem. We live in Biden’s America. That means that nothing makes sense anymore. In fact, common sense goes right out the window because the Biden administration is more focused on domestic terrorists than the international ones that are set to destroy the country.

The FBI quickly got involved only to treat the problem completely ineffectively.

Now, before we get into what the FBI did that was so ineffective, let’s take a look at the person who was involved in the hostage-taking. Muhammad Siddiqi thought he could just enter the synagogue and get what he wanted. His sister, Aafia Siddiqui has become a living martyr by the Islamic community. There have even been rallies hosted by CAIR to seek out her freedom.

SWAT along with the local police was able to get the situation under control. The hostage-taker was killed and everyone inside of the synagogue was able to leave safely.

The FBI has since marched in to take over the situation. It should be a closed case because we know who was involved and why.

Yet, that’s not what’s going on. First, the FBI said that the terrorist was “singularly focused on one issue.” Additionally, the FBI’s response is “We are continuing to work to find motive.”

Wait a second. We already know what the motive is because Muhammad Siddiqi said it during his live Facebook event. It was that he wanted to have his sister released from prison. How is it that the entire country knows what the motive is, yet the FBI is going to work to find it?

If this sounds like gaslighting, it is.

It’s as if the FBI has decided to take some cues from VP Harris. She is still looking to find the “root causes” of illegal immigration, too. Yet, if you ask anyone in the country why illegal immigration is happening, they’ll tell you.

The FBI wants to pretend that this hostage situation wasn’t a big deal. They even went as far as to say that it wasn’t “specifically related to the Jewish community.” While that might be what they wish was the situation, it’s completely false. The hostage-taker’s sister was anti-Semitic. So, we’re just supposed to believe that he attacked a synagogue randomly?

Please. All of this was extremely calculated, though the FBI doesn’t want to deal with it. Why? They don’t want to identify that the biggest security threat to the U.S. is international – such as is the case with the brother and sister duo of Muhammad and Aafia Siddiqui.

The FBI would rather deal with the parents who are upset at school board meetings. They can be labeled as domestic terrorists right away. Meanwhile, someone who takes hostages at a synagogue demanding that his sister, a convicted terrorist, be released, is an unsolved mystery that requires further investigation.

Welcome to Biden’s America, where patriots are terrorists and terrorists are just misunderstood.