When GOP Wins House in 2022, These Dems Are Getting the Boot

danielfela / shutterstock.com
danielfela / shutterstock.com

As you well know, the 2022 midterms are fast approaching, and with it, the potential for the GOP to retake not just one federal legislative House but both. Currently, the Senate sits in a 50-50 tie, with Vice President Kamala Harris being the only majority for Democrats. In the House, another very slim majority is had by the Dems, who lead with only five seats.

Now, it’s fully possible that the Democratic Party could remain in control. However, it’s not very likely in the least.

For starters, history has shown that when a new president takes office, the congressional elections that follow tend to tip in favor of the White House’s opposing party, with the majority party losing a number of seats. This happens as those who don’t agree with the new leader’s tactics and party choices become prone to making their voices extra loud.

But this year, with a president who is quickly becoming the most unliked in all of our country’s history, the likelihood of those not happy with him and his party’s decisions is bound to make a statement.

And that means the leadership in both Upper and Lower Houses will likely change in the next year or so, kicking longtime leaders like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer from their respective titles, if not their congressional seats entirely.

But according to current House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, that’s not all that will change.

In addition, he says there’s going to be some much-needed changes on a number of House committees.

As his title implies, McCarthy is only one seat away from taking Pelosi’s seat as House Speaker. And if the GOP regains control of the House, it’s entirely likely he will be named as her successor.

And so, he will be given the means to do a little reshaping.

So what exactly does he have in mind, should his party succeed as nearly all expect them to?

As he explained to Matthew Boyle of Breitbart News back in December, the first order of business will be getting the committees back to their intended goals and purposes. For starters, that means taking those such as Democratic Representatives Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell of California off of a few.

As you well know, Schiff has made himself pretty much the king of impeachment over the last four or so years as chair of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. But as McCarthy explains, Schiff has disqualified himself in recent years with those actions and therefore should be stripped of his committee assignments.

McCarthy told of how Schiff used a “fake dossier” to try to convince Americans that former President Donald Trump was an agent of Russia and colluded with that nation to cheat and win the 2016 election. When that could not be proved, even with all his lies on the matter and a debunk dossier, Schiff tried another route, focusing on Trump’s supposedly incriminating phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Schiff spent the better part of two years trying to oust Trump for this one call. But Schiff was later found guilty of lying to the American people again.

Meanwhile, national security issues dealing with Afghanistan, our southern border, and more all festered under his negligence.

And yet, somehow, through it all, he’s still been allowed to chair one of the most prestigious committees in Washington.

Similarly, Eric Swalwell was found to be tied to a known Chinese Communist Party spy, “Fang Fang,” having had an ongoing relationship of questionable intent for a number of years. The story broke in 2020, with Swalwell refusing to acknowledge the depths of his longtime connections with her but claiming that she had never gotten any sensitive information out of him. It was later discovered that he lied about how intimate the couple had been.

And yet, we are still expected to believe that he told the truth about not sharing any info with her.

As far as McCarthy is concerned, and I’m willing to bet more than a few Americans, this makes his membership on the Intel committee questionable, to say the least. McCarthy says Swalwell will also be stripped of his assignment on the Homeland Security Committee. After all, if he couldn’t attain security clearance in the private sector, there’s no reason he should be granted special permissions by being part of committees that should require such.

Perhaps, with men like this off of our national leadership committees, our nation can actually begin to focus on natural security issues that really matter and not just what one party or another wants to look into.