Can’t Find a COVID Test? That’s Because Biden’s Got Them Sitting in a Warehouse

Marek Duransky /
Marek Duransky /

COVID tests are an important part of making sure that the virus isn’t spread. This has been an issue from the very beginning. Yet, here we are two years into the pandemic and we still don’t have access to regular testing.

At-home kits were finally approved by the FDA late last year. Meanwhile, these test kits had been used all across Europe for the better part of the pandemic. And, in Europe, the at-home testing kits were free and readily available.

The kits only provide a result for one day. After another round of exposure at school, work, or even the grocery store, a person should test again a day or two later.

Being able to identify one’s self as positive or negative makes it simple to know how to proceed. Is it safe for a person to go out in public or do they need to quarantine?

Even without depending on at-home kits, there are testing sites set up in every major city. Unfortunately, they’re not always streamlined. Results can get lost. Results can take two days…and sometimes even seven days. And, for those who need to get a test, they’ll often be met with lines that can take several hours to get through.

There’s no easy solution to getting tested. It’s still not readily available.

Oh, but President Biden has a plan.

In November, we heard about how he procured billions of at-home testing kits and how they would be distributed to every American home.

We’re now in January and still waiting for that to happen.

We’d go to our local pharmacy to get one, but they’re out. And they don’t know when they’ll be getting more in. And if we can find one, it’s about $28 out-of-pocket. Of course, Biden has said that insurance companies will now start covering the cost. But, what about two weeks ago? And, why can’t we find a darn test anywhere?

Oh, that would be because of Biden.

The Assistant Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, Dawn O’Connell, admitted that there are 50 million coronavirus tests sitting in warehouses.

Do you know what we can’t do with tests that sit inside of a warehouse? Use them.

They’re completely ineffective when they’re sitting in boxes inside of warehouses. We can’t find out if we’re COVID positive. We can’t find out if we need to quarantine.

Over $190 million has been spent on these tests. And since Biden has them hiding away, it’s why we can’t find them in the grocery stores or pharmacies. It’s as if he wants to make it harder for us to control the pandemic. And, perhaps, that is the answer that hits a bit too close to home…

Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) asked O’Connell to confirm that the testing kits purchased by Biden are not from Communist China.

That’s when O’Connell said that in addition to what’s out for delivery to the warehouses, there are approximately 50 million tests already sitting in warehouses.

Burr quickly realized what was going on. The Biden administration simply accessed an inventory of testing kits that we’d been sitting on for who knows how long.

Burr also pointed out something else. “This is a very, very important piece when you’ve got companies that don’t manufacture tests and all of a sudden we’re giving them a $190 million contract for about 14 million home tests and their expertise is importation of vodka.”

Oh, fantastic. So, not only can we not find tests but when we do find them, we have to question whether they are actually capable of providing us with reliable results.

This is typical of the Biden administration. They spend money without even knowing if it will sufficiently address the problem. And of course, it won’t. The number of tests is enough to get every American tested one to two times. That’ll take care of us for one week. What about the rest of the year?