Inflation’s a Runaway Train, COVID is Still Killing People, and a New Poll Showed Bipartisan Unanimity… America’s Sick of Joe Biden

William Potter /
William Potter /

In a recent poll conducted by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, Americans who squeezed the necks of Joe Biden and his fellow Dems over their unfounded promises to eradicate COVID-19 are no longer holding on as tightly. Most of that group’s former supporters are still wearing masks, watching loved ones die, and wondering what they can afford at the grocery store if they can find what they’re looking for at all.

Virtually every American family’s personal financial strength has been severely weakened over the past year. Foreclosures have skyrocketed and bankruptcies have flooded court systems. And those pesky medical bills and such? Forget about it. They’ve become too low of a priority to be concerned with. A family still has to be able to afford its pinto beans and bulk-sized generic rice.

What’s bad for us at the moment is actually good for the Republicans who are looking for a clean sweep come election time. When everyday folks start getting punched in the wallet, a change is a-coming. And you can bet these patriot politicians are already working behind the scene to right these wrongs.

Numbers don’t lie. Last year, 53% of your fellow Americans listed COVID-19 as the top priority the government should be working on. Today, only 37% have it listed somewhere in the mix of their top five priorities. The economy far outpaced the virus as a major concern. Considering how inflation has gone from 1% to 14% in a year’s time, 68% of those polled made certain to bring their fledging personal finances into the conversation.

Consumer prices have risen by 6.8% over the past year, and rest assured, belt-tightening never has been and never will be a popular fashion trend. Consumer prices do not include the ever-escalating cost of utilities or any other essential non-edible expenses required by life itself. Those’ll cost ‘ya extra…

The only reason the Dems won the White House and Congress in 2022 is because of their promises to do better than they said Trump had done with handling the pandemic. Like a bull in a China shop, Biden came out snorting and raging and initially did okay with the pandemic. So well that 70% of Americans were applauding his efforts, Dems and Republicans alike.

But when more people kept dying, and then a new variant started claiming more lives, and then yet another new variant blew in that you could still catch even if you were vaccinated, Biden’s edge crumbled. And that brings us to the present where…you guessed right…people are still dying and our money is quickly losing its stretch. ‘Joe gotta go’ is quickly becoming a bi-partisan battle cry.

Judy Kunzman, 75, of Middletown, PA, said she doesn’t blame Biden for the virus still not playing well with others. She said it’s “just one of those events that are impossible to predict and almost as impossible to fix.” But she isn’t so forgiving when it comes to inflation and equally as upset that supply chain disruptions aren’t being given a higher priority. This “Oh well. What can ya do” attitude of Biden’s is grinding her elderly gears. She’s upset over “rising food prices,” and “the fact that I can’t buy my new car.”

Like Kunzman, everyone has priorities concerning where their money gets spent. But when those dollar bills start counting for less and less, priorities have to change and certain things get cut from the new roster. 

Here’s what it all comes down to. If America can survive what’s left of Biden’s reign of terror, and if COVID-19 doesn’t kill us all first, even with the dwindling numbers they’re forecasted to start rising again, America will once again return to a ‘one Republican nation under God.’ 

In the meanwhile, enjoy those beans while you get still them. Google has lots of recipes for different ways to boil them in water with a pinch of salt.