Local Liberal Calls for the Abortion of All Republicans

fredex / shutterstock.com
fredex / shutterstock.com

The Democrats seem to have a second wind as more of them are popping up and creating trouble for people. And it is not just liberal citizens causing the trouble. Andrew Zarro is a Democratic member of the Portland, Maine, city council. He owns a coffee shop that sells stickers encouraging people to murder Republicans.

The stick reads that people should “Abort Republicans.” Abortion is the murder of a person, whether in the womb or because of political affiliation. Zarro has made it clear that he hates Republicans and is determined to make it known all around the city. He wants people to abort them so they are out of the way.

The murderous man is supposed to be a public servant. Instead, he incites violent actions and thoughts by promoting his demonic sticker. The coffee shop in question is called the Woodfords coffee shop. He also sells stickers that read “defund God” and “thank you for making me a godless heaux.” His distaste for anything religious or conservative is rabid within him.

The man’s hypocrisy is found in what he claims about his coffee shop. On the shop, a poster hangs that stresses the importance of inclusion and diversity. It means that his shop is open to everyone, and no one will feel unwanted. But he, then, sells stickers that promote violence against the nation’s majority.

The demonic owner has only owned the shop for about three years. But in that time, he has done enough damage to span generations. Stickers that promote segregation and murder breed only hatred and violence. And for a man that claims his shop is welcoming to all, he certainly has a lot of people fooled regarding his inner thoughts.

On his website, he claims that he wanted his campaign for the city council to “commit my candidacy to inclusion and diversity, excluding no one.” But in the good Democrat fashion, he lies about his honest thoughts and then does things that exclude all Republicans. He hates conservatives and everything that they stand for. And he certainly is not going to talk about God with anyone.

The Daily Wire found that the Press Herald had published an article that quoted the man “Both support the Black Lives Matter movement, including calls to defund the police and address systemic racism. Both believe that local police forces should be demilitarized and more funding and attention should be used to address underlying issues such as homelessness, substance use disorder and mental illness.”

Zarro is a staunch liberal who loves power and is not about to admit that he hates people because his support will fall away the moment he does that. His political push was to exhibit kindness and even compassion to all people. That is all people who are not Republicans.

He said of himself, “I feel like I’m bringing some new ideas and perspective, and just a little kindness and compassion, which is heavily in need at the moment and meeting people where they’re at and saying at the end of the day, ‘We can disagree, but we’re still going to bump into each other at Hannaford and we need to be nice to each other.'”

He talks about being nice to people and yet, at the same time, promotes the murder of Republicans. He wants people to know that he believes abortion is acceptable and the children that should be killed are those born to conservatives.

But at the end of things, everything comes full circle, and what he is promoting will come back to haunt him. The liberal takeover of America has ground to a complete stop, and the red wave is coming.

Democrats in Virginia and New Jersey thought they were safe until the final count was posted. They realized for the first time that people were never going to adopt the socialist ideology that the Democrats have come to adopt for themselves. Zarro wants to kill Republicans through abortion. But Democrats will be swept away in the upcoming midterm elections, which will define where America stands today.