Fauci Maintains That Everything Is About the Money but No One Is Supposed To Know That

fizkes / shutterstock.com
fizkes / shutterstock.com

The Center for Disease Control is changing its guidelines regarding the COVID-19 virus and its variants. The latest memo reduces the amount of time a person needs to quarantine from 10 days down to just five days. The quarantine starts the moment a person tests positive to when a person has no symptoms. But the person is still supposed to wear a mask for five days after the isolation period ends.

The CDC changed its rules because they have finally learned that a person is most contagious early on in the sickness. As time moves forward, that infectious spirit begins to decline. Any person that still has symptoms is encouraged to stay at home. And now the center is telling people five days is long enough.

That is good news for many people because a 10-day quarantine puts many people in financial difficulties. But that does not seem to matter with the federal government run by many nutty liberals.

The CDC is now telling people that any person who comes into contact with a sick person must also quarantine unless they have received all the recommended boosters. The line to an everyday life continues to change to fit the Democrats’ need to maintain control.

The president would have already violated these new rules because he had been exposed and failed to wear a mask around sick people. And it was discovered that the old man did not quarantine because he had the vaccination. But now, the CDC is demanding that everyone shut themselves in their homes for the better part of a week.

People wonder why the president of the CDC didn’t make these changes earlier. They wonder why the quick changes now as opposed to a few weeks ago as the Omicron variant first started to debut onto the scene.

The questions and speculations finally were answered the minute Anthony Fauci made his way back to the television camera. The fraudulent doctor mentioned that the reason the rules have changed again is because of the money. The Democrats care more about the dollar, and they need trillions of them. So, they need to put people back to work to collect more taxes. People might as well forget about their claims of looking out for the welfare of people.

Anthony Fauci stated that “The reason is that with the sheer volume of new cases that we are having and that we expect to continue with Omicron, one of the things we want to be careful of is that we don’t have so many people out.”

The financial reason alone is enough for the Biden administration to change the rules. They need money to make their socialist plans work for the short term, so they are willing to force sick people back to work to collect federal taxes on the hours that the person works.

The nation is on the brink of shutting down again because of the reckless actions of the president. He continues to make decisions based on economic forecasts rather than letting people make up their minds about what is best for their health.

Biden is more willing to risk people’s lives than to make them sit out for a few extra days because of the new variant. He is willing to push mandates and admit that he has no clue what he should do regarding the COVID-19 virus. The Democrats have needed a virus to mess around with for a long time. It provides them with the cover they need to push socialism in America.

The sad reality is that Biden contradicts himself by forcing people back to work when they are still sick. He claims that he wants to keep America healthy while admitting he has no clue how to achieve his goal. And now he abandons the old guidelines that will force people to work so he can have more tax money to play with.