Add Boston Police to Another Fighting Against Vaccine Mandates

Maxim Gorishniak /
Maxim Gorishniak /

The vaccine mandates popping up all over the country are getting to be a bit much. They’re causing people to leave and causing companies and organizations to lose important people.

Even amidst lawsuits, the mandates continue.

The Boston Police have decided that it’s time that they join the fight. Their mayor has betrayed them – and they’re not willing to roll up their sleeves to get the jab just because Michelle Wu has issued a vaccine mandate. The police union is pushing back because of a previous agreement.

The Boston Police Superior Officers Federation (BPSOF) has announced that Wu’s COVID vaccine mandate for city employees conflicts with a labor agreement that allows employees to choose to be vaccinated or undergo weekly testing.

The mandate that Wu announced goes into effect on January 15, so a quick resolution is of the utmost importance. No one wants to lose their jobs but there are also many who had planned on getting tested weekly instead of getting jabbed.

The group was quick to state that Mayor Wu made this announcement without first consulting with them. BPSOF “strongly condemns the City and the Mayor’s blatant disregard for and violation of our legally binding contract.”

They will be looking at the various legal options that they have to fight the mandate since they had an agreement in place prior to Wu making her mandate announcement.

All across the country, we’ve seen people lose their jobs because of mandates. And, due to budget cuts in police departments, many cities are already short on law enforcement officers. No department can afford to lose anyone else.

The weekly testing provides a perfectly acceptable alternative to getting the vaccine. It’s a way to make sure that they are not COVID positive. In fact, testing may be the ONLY acceptable way to make sure that no one is positive these days. After all, it seems that more vaccinated people are testing positive for Omicron than anyone else.

BPSOF wanted to make it clear that they were not anti-vaccination. Instead, they are “pro-collective bargaining and public safety.” Essentially, they’re looking to keep the public safe without compromising on their morals. They want to let officers decide for themselves what is right.

BPSOF finished off their statement by saying, “We fear Mayor Wu’s unfair labor practices and disregard of negotiated contracts will have real-world negative impacts. Our police department, already desperately understaffed, cannot afford to lose any more police officers willing to work a dangerous job.”

That’s really what it comes down to. At what point is it okay to say that they’ll lay off police officers who refuse to get the vaccine? Is it better to have the entire force vaccinated or is it better to have sufficient people on the streets to protect the city? BPSOF is in favor of the latter so that they can serve and protect as they have always done.

This is an important battle – and we’ve been seeing more judges rule in favor of the plaintiffs as opposed to those setting the mandates.

Crime is skyrocketing from coast to coast. If a mandate leads to insufficient staffing levels, an alternative has to be offered.

We’ll find out soon enough if Wu’s mandate gets waived for the men and women in blue.