Census Bureau’s Latest Data Dump Spells Even More Bad News for Dems

rafapress / shutterstock.com
rafapress / shutterstock.com

According to the political left, blue states are better by far. They have better leaders, safer schools, more inclusive education programs, free everything, and safer health policies. And over the past few years of COVID, they’ve continued to push their stringent and unconstitutional ways as the “correct” way of doing things, claiming that it makes for a better world.

So why, then, are people fleeing those deep blue led states by the masses?

Per the latest data sets released by the United States Census Bureau, that’s exactly what seems to be happening nationwide. Data taken from all 50 states, Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico, compares population increases and decreases in each state or territory from July 2020 to July 2021, so basically the brunt of the pandemic.

And what was found is rather telling, or at least should be, for those hoping to gain more left-leaning power.

So let’s get into the data – starting with states whose populations decreased over the last year. And yes, despite the overall population of the United States and the world continually growing as the human species continues to reproduce, some states have actually lost vast numbers of people.

Take states like California, New York, Hawaii, Illinois, and the area of Washington D.C., just to name a few.

All of these saw a negative population increase, which is a more scientific way of saying a population decrease of at least 0.60 percent.

Meanwhile, states like Florida, Texas, Utah, South Carolina, Idaho, Delaware, Montana, and Arizona all saw population increases of over 1.01 percent.

According to the Census Bureau, Idaho, with the highest growth percentage at 2.9 percent, gained some 53,151 people over the last year.

Similarly, New York saw the highest annual decrease of about 1.6 percent, which amasses to a whopping 316,020 people overall.

Now, it’s important to point out that there are some commonalities to be found among all the states that made significant gains, as well as those that saw a drop in population.

All those that gained, minus Delaware, have a notably conservative governor and/or conservative-led legislative houses. Additionally, they all have COVID policies that allow for freedom of choice.

In contrast, those whose populations seemed to experience a mass exodus of sorts all have near liberal leaders, as well as some of the most stringent pandemic rules around.

And that shows up even more when we take a closer look at the numbers, more specifically, the net population changes.

The Census Bureau noted that in California, for example, some 367,299 residents left the state over the last year. New York comes in a close second, losing some 352,185 residents.

Where are those people going? Well, as I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, it’s not to other blue states, as most of those have lost net populations as well. Instead, it’s to states like Florida that saw a population increase of some 220,890. Or Texas, whose population went up by 170,307.

It’s not hard to imagine why either.

I mean, at some point, those living in socialistic New York and liberal California are going to get tired of having their constitutional liberties trampled on by those who are supposed to be serving them and giving them a voice in our nation’s capital. No one wants to be told when, where, and how to wear a face mask. Neither do they want a concoction of chemicals being forced into their bodies without even the slightest scientific proof that it will be 1) good for them and 2) save their life.

Then, of course, there are the exorbitantly high taxes, cost of living, and more that Americans in those states are being crushed with.

The only problem with massive amounts of former liberals or Democratic state residents leaving is that they are often slow to assimilate to their more conservative new homes. The result is that those states that are now growing are seeing a rise in Democratic populations, at least in the near future.

But as surely as they moved away from liberal rules, they’ll likely realize that those ideas aren’t the most realistic. At least that’s the hope…